A Polar Bear, a Giant Penis, and This Message Greet Trump in UK: 'Climate Change Is Real'

Outlines of a giant human penis and a large polar bear were the iconographic symbols that accompanied the words, ‘Oi, Trump — Climate Change Is Real,’ in a message that was mowed into large fields near the Stansted airport in the United Kingdom with the hopes that the U.S. president would see it during his landing on Monday morning.

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With Trump’s arrival generating plans for massive street protests, the provocative greeting—similar to the giant ‘Baby Trump’ blimp which has become so popular in recent years—is additional evidence of how reviled and little-respected the president is among many in Britain.

According to the Bishop’s Stortford Independent:

“Donald Trump and his denial of climate change are not welcome,” Nancarrow told the newspaper over the weekend, “and I want him to be fully aware of that when he flies in to Stansted.”

The president did land on Monday morning as scheduled, though it remains uncertain as of this writing whether or not Trump witnessed the message.

Massive protests in London are expected for Tuesday.

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