Children’s fashion from Eastern Europe: surprising and stylish

The and ITC’s Ready to Trade project supports various different Eastern European fashion labels. Three successful children’s fashion companies from Moldova and Belarus are participating too. Creme Brulee, Bell Bimbo and Maxikids are three brands which design and produce beautiful, top quality children’s clothing. We would hereby like to introduce these three companies to you.

Bell Bimbo

The Belarusian was founded in 1997 and has had its own factory since 2006, which has allowed them to expand their production. Bell Bimbo has acquired more than 20 years of experience in the sector, which means it can guarantee the best quality products for its customers. They use unique designer prints and luxurious fabrics. And what makes Bell Bimbo so unique is that they listen to children and produce clothing which children want: stylish, fresh and practical. The clothing is made with love and attention to detail and Bell Bimbo wants children to use these items to express both themselves and their own unique style. Bell Bimbo has managed to realise this by combining stylish designs with global trends, unique patterns and fabrics and top quality accessories. Both children and adults in Europe will love Bell Bimbo’s products, as a result of its comfortable, simple yet stylish and extensive clothing collection. It’s easy to put together a complete Bell Bimbo wardrobe because of their total look concept. They’re planning on increasing their focus on reducing their ecological impact and sharing CSR values to an even greater extent in the future. This includes the recent launch of a ‘Planet A’ eco-project, designed to make Belarusian children aware of environmental problems.

Crème Brûlée

is one of the brands produced by the Moldovan company Velitextil-Plus. This brand was founded by Veronica Pentelei in 2013 and it produces children’s clothing for special occasions. The brand has created a classic French style with a romantic allure, with their own design of clothing made from natural fabrics, which are therefore of outstanding quality. An extensive range of dresses, skirts, trousers and jackets strike the perfect balance between comfort, elegance and contemporary fashion. The company and its products are unique because of the combination of design and the quality of the fabrics and cut. The designs are classic with a touch of retro, something which appears to be lacking in children’s clothing nowadays. Creme Brulee’s extensive experience of working with EU customers for the past 12 years means they are certain their clothing will suit European tastes, especially considering their close proximity and low prices. And they have identified future opportunities, despite the current pandemic. Their vision is less fast fashion and back to buying a number of good quality items of clothing which can be worn for a long time.


is the Moldovan family business Zivax Maxi’s children’s fashion brand, which was founded in 2012. Their aim is to produce unique children’s clothing at affordable prices. Maxikids sees clothing as an outlet for children to show off their personalities. Children’s clothing therefore needs to be of good quality, suitable for children’s active lives and, of course, beautiful too. Maxikids also wants to appeal to parents by supplying high quality and accessibility. And that’s exactly what Maxikids does. Maxikids’ designers create unique designs for children from 0 to 12 years old, using a modern colour palette, cheerful designs and a bold approach. Materials and designs are carefully selected to guarantee maximum comfort. Maxikids produces clothing which should be the first choice for any occasion.

The Ready to Trade project is financed by , an initiative for SMEs in the EU’s Eastern Partnership Countries. You will find more information about the companies and the scheme here. You can contact the companies via CBI Sector Expert Giovanni Beatrice:

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