Podcast Highlights: AEW Unrestricted, Grilling JR, Keepin' It 100 With Konan

Recap by: Christopher Jay,
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7:30 Brandi on Nyla Rose: “We, all of us, V P’s included, we did not know anything about that when we hired her. People are angry that we did not know. There is nothing under job application that says tell us your sexual orientation so how would we know. Tony Schiavone then said, ” we don’t talk about it on TV, just like we wouldn’t talk about a person’s color, she is just another athlete coming out.”

22:00 Brandi on when she started liking wrestling: ” when I was a kid, my brother was a big wrestling fan and as a family we use to get the pay per views. I always liked Koko B Ware and Frankie, but let’s just say it was Koko B Ware. My brother got older and was no longer into it and I lost interest too and I was gone from it for a long time. Cut to, my reintroduction at the University of Michigan and I was presented with a video of Trish on her knees barking like a dog. I was like, what is wrestling now. This is not what I remembered; this is terrible. Cut to, a few years later, getting a call from John LAURINAITIS saying we are interested in you. I’m thinking no, I’m not getting on my knees. I started watching again and saw it was completely different and none of that was happening anymore and the women were actually featured as athletes and telling these great stories and I was sold.”

24:00 On Dusty Rhodes introducing her to Cody: “I started watching again, and instantly I saw Dashing Cody Rhodes, and how can you not notice him. So, I noticed him, and I thought this is a good-looking guy. I never saw him and went to training and Dusty was a trainer and I wasn’t sure if they were related and I didn’t want to ask. Dusty was the first to tell Cody there is this new girl, she is cool, you should check her out. Then we worked together at a live event and it was crazy because he gave me all these instructions and never looked at me…He tells the story that at Air Canada in Toronto, he gave me a hug backstage and I blew in his ear and that’s how he knew I was into him. That never happened, I was just breathing.


57:25 Jim Ross on the Ultimate Warrior: “I’ve never been a big fan of the Ultimate Warrior, never was, never will be. He has a beautiful family who I wish nothing but the bless them. They had to live with him and his craziness and idiosyncrasies and now be alone, that’s a tough hand to be dealt. But he was not a good person in my estimation. In my opinion, Jim Hellwig was not a good person.” “His lack of respect for different people.”

1:24:00 Ross on Eddie Guerrero vs Chyna: “I didn’t like the booking. I didn’t like intergender matches, I still don’t like them. I’m old school guys, I really am. It’s not believable in the most senses, it’s not believable that a woman can give up significant strength and size, etc. and be competitive in the showbiz world of pro wrestling. It’s too big a stretch for me to get there. I can’t buy it.”


39:00 Ross on beginning of scripted promos: “It seemed like when Russo and Ferrara left, that’ when the proliferation of the influx of writers came to be. They all got assigned different tasks. This one is going to work Raw, this one is going to work Smackdown. So, know what you are going to do. You’re not going to be the booker, even though they try to be booking, they try to come up with booking ideas, so you got to take the existing booking that has been created and then make promos for it and help these guys the best you can, so that’s how that came about. It was just crazy stuff and it made everybody feel like we are a big entertainment company and it leaves the wrestling aspect of it farther and farther behind. I thought that was a mistake because you can’t leave your core product.”

57:00 Ross on his relationship with Vince McMahon: “Look, he made me a good living and a good quality of life…We still communicate…the fact that I overmedicated and self-medicated and there was a time there when Ambien wasn’t enough, I took Ambien for 10 years as a temporary thing for insomnia. When Ambien wasn’t enough, I added a Xanax and when that didn’t work for me, I chased it with Crown Royal. So, you do that for a few years, you straighten your ass up, you get to work, you come back home and you detox. The stress and the pressure, and I’ve had every neurologist I’ve ever seen, say the reason I had 3 bouts of Bells Palsy is the way you process stress. That is just my DNA. I don’t blame anybody for it. I’m not blaming my mom and dad, it’s my DNA. Then I got wise to that situation and no more, I don’t do anymore opiates whatsoever, and thank God for that but that was a lot of Jan’s doing.”

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