Steve Austin Discusses "Rough" WWE Network Podcast With Jon Moxley

Former WWE superstar Steve Austin spoke with Tony Khan on the Steve Austin podcast where the Rattlesnake briefly discussed his awkward WWE Network interview with Jon Moxley (then Dean Ambrose) from 2016. Austin explains that they were never able to get on the right track before admitting that he’s felt bad about how rough it turned out.

For whatever reason, we got off on the wrong track. It was a rough podcast. I have been carrying around 1,000 pounds on my back ever since that happened. I felt so bad about that interview and I was leading the interview. I take the fault of it because I’m there to get people over and make them come off like a million bucks. We just came off on the wrong street and just kept taking left turns and never got back on track, well we never were on track. He had his reasons and I had mine.

Austin would also clarify that he had fulfilled his obligations to WWE at that point, and that his show was not canceled because of the podcast.

For all this time I felt like sh*t about that interview. People said the Stone Cold Podcast got canceled because of how bad that interview was. No. I’d fulfilled my commitment, that was why the podcast stopped

You can check out the latest Steve Austin show here. 

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