Backstage News on WWE Creative Writer Robert Evans Leaving the Company

— In a follow-up to a previous post where WWE writer Robert “R.D” Evans announced his departure from the company by tweeting “I quit WWE”, both and report that the event that led to this incident occurred at the WWE Hall of Fame. The story goes that Evans was responsible for helping Bret Hart script his induction speech and one line that made its way through had Hart thanking Vince McMahon for giving the Hart Foundation their big break. Vince, for one reason or another, has made it a point to stress that he doesn’t want to be mentioned at all in any speech.

— Depending on what story you want to believe, Evans was either fired or terminated, but the most logical explanation seems to be that he was about to be let go and decided to quit before that happened. F4W notes that due to the Bret Hart being attacked incident, everyone was tense backstage, and Vince specifically was in a bad mood, and tore into Evans immediately after the speech ended. Others noted that the situation likely could have been de-escalated because the speech made it through multiple channels before being approved but it was beyond fixable once Evans quit.

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