Maryse Talks Possibly Returning To WWE As A Wrestler: "You Never Know."

In a new interview with GameSpotMiz and Mrs. star Maryse talks in depth about possibly returning to the WWE and competing inside the ring. Maryse recalls wrestling only five months after the birth of her son Monroe, and doesn’t rule out a comeback for the future.

I never say never. When I had Monroe, I was back in the ring four months after giving birth. Five months after giving birth, I was main eventing Smackdown Live in a singles match, which has never really been done before, ever. So, if you were to ask me that when I was pregnant with Monroe, I would of laughed. I would have said, ‘No, come on. Let’s not get crazy here.’ And that happened. So, this second time around, I really don’t know what to expect because you never really know what to expect with WWE. That’s the beauty of WWE is that you just never know. And it just surprised us also because I been with this company for almost thirteen years and I still get surprised, so, never say never. You never know.

Maryse would go on to comment about the progression women’s wrestling has gone through, siting the Evolution pay per view as a huge turning point.

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I think Evolution was a big moment where we really recognized women in this industry. To me that’s when I really felt in my heart, ‘Wow, this is happening.’ And I was there with Monroe because that was a very important moment for me and for every other woman. We had women from every generation, also, that showed up because that really was a big moment.

Check out the full interview here. 


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