Paul Heyman On CM Punk Possibly Fighting In Bellator MMA, Brock Lesnar's Future

Paul Heyman spoke with the New York Post to promote this Sunday’s WrestleMania 34 event, as well as his own An Evening With Paul Heyman one-man show at the Joy Theater in New Orleans, Louisiana on Thursday at 10pm. Featured below are some of the highlights from the interview.

On if he thinks this Sunday will be the last time for a while he walks Brock Lesnar to the ring as his advocate: “It’s most likely the answer to that is yes. The reasons are rather public. Brock is eyeballing a return to the octagon. He’s made no secret about it. He’s out in Las Vegas at the UFC offices taking a selfie with Dana White wearing a UFC T-shirt. These are not secret negotiations.

“The fact that both our contracts are coming due is not a secret, either. Is this the last time that Brock Lesnar goes out to the ring in WWE, I truly don’t know that answer because what we’re focused on at the moment is … Brock is very laser focused on the task at hand. That’s always been his way, since he grew up on a dairy farm in Webster, South Dakota as a kid.”

On if he thinks CM Punk could end up in ROH or NJPW if his UFC career doesn’t pan out: “I don’t think CM Punk cares one way or another what’s going on in the world of sports entertainment. He is someone that has achieved his goals by dedicating every aspect of his life to pursuing his passions. His passions right now are quiet obviously in mixed martial arts and I don’t think he has a contingency plan in case of failure. I don’t think failure is an option for Phil Brooks.

“I think he is intent on making a go of it in the mixed martial arts world and if it doesn’t work out for him in UFC, I’m sure he would be looking at Bellator before he would be looking at a return to the wrestling ring.”

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