WWE Confirms Women Won't Wrestle at Saudi Arabia Event; AJ Styles Update

— We recently posted about WWE being put in a unique situation as far as their upcoming super show in Saudi Arabia is concerned. While the company continues to push their female talent as part of a women’s revolution, in Saudi Arabia, women aren’t allowed to compete. As a result, the company has been quiet on that front, only saying that seven championships would be on the line, which many correctly assumed would not include any female wrestlers. WWE today confirmed that by issuing the following statement to David Bixenspan:

“Women and children are allowed to attend. Female WWE Superstars will not be performing at this year’s event.”

— WWE remains tight-lipped on the injury to AJ Styles, who was actually injured going into the MSG show and ended up missing shows on 3/17 and 3/19 and did not do anything physical at the 3/20 Smackdown. He was evaluated on 3/19 in Dallas before Raw and while he was given the go-ahead to compete at WrestleMania, Styles’ in-ring participation at the most recent house show this weekend was extremely limited.

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