More on Rey Mysterio's Injury & How it Affects Him Returning to WWE

— There is no update on the extent of Rey Mysterio’s apparent bicep injury, but his two options would of course be to undergo surgery or to try and work through the injury, which would be difficult but not impossible.

— WWE has yet to agree to any sort of deal with Mysterio and the thinking is that even if they want him in the company, generally, signees around this time end up showing up on TV right after WrestleMania, as opposed to on the show itself.

— If WWE is still interested in Mysterio, the company in usual cases like this, favors the athlete undergoing surgery rather than signing them and having them wrestle through it. An example from 2016 with Shelton Benjamin was that WWE was close to signing him but after he didn’t pass his physical, surgery was the only option and it pushed back his eventual signing by almost a year.

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