Nia Jax On What It's Like Backstage In WWE, Game Of Thrones' Mountain & More

WWE Superstar Nia Jax recently spoke with Metro for an interview. Below are some of the highlights.

On what it’s like backstage in WWE: “When it comes to match time everyone settles down and gets into game mode, but a little bit before then there’s nothing wrong with a little fun and play. Our schedule is not easy, I don’t think any other sports team or company does what we do, we’re 24/7 and always on the road, no matter what. Every now and then it’s good to have a nerf ball fight or whatever to get rid of some of the stress we have.”

On being part of the WWE main roster along with the likes of Alexa Bliss: “Right now I’m honored to be where I am so short into my WWE career. I know that being so different does award me some things that I’m getting, but I’m grateful. Alexa and I have been best friends since I tried out in NXT, she was one of the first people to help me and ever since we’ve been close. We call ourselves ‘Team Rude’ because we’re super goofy, and that’s literally one of the words that you’ll hear out of our mouths when we’re talking. Hopefully I can continue bringing new things to the table and staying on top.”

On which “Game Of Thrones” character she feels would be a good fit in WWE and who she mirrors herself like: “Obviously The Mountain! He came over to the Performance Center when I was there, and he was sitting next to Braun Strowman and made him look little. I would love for that to come to life in WWE, that would be cool to see Braun vs The Mountain! I know this is bad and not popular, but I’m a big fan of Cersei. In my gear I’ve mirrored her recent outfits, she wears a black robe that comes up high on her neck with the shoulder pads, so I’ve tried to incorporate that look. I’ll literally send in pictures of Cersei to my gear lady and ask her to make things that look like her outfits. That’s why I’m in full body black, I love Cersei, her dynamic and how far she’s come.”

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