Backstage Details on Incident Between Braun Strowman and Karen Jarrett

  • Nashville on July 17 was the site of a recent story when people from both WWE and GFW ended up at the same bar at night. GFW had meetings in Nashville, whereas WWE held Raw in the city.

  • The story involves Karen Jarrett and Braun Strowman with the report indicating that Karen approached Strowman for an autograph for her son, who is apparently a fan of Braun’s. Strowman reportedly had no idea who Karen was and depending on what version you want to believe, either was rude to Karen or swore at her.

  • Karen didn’t take to it kindly and “immediately cut a major loud promo” on Braun for blowing her off and during her tirade indicated that she would go and tell her son’s father about this incident. Her ex-husband and son’s father is none other than Kurt Angle.

  • When Strowman heard this, he was said to immediately change his tune and agreed to not only sign the autograph, but he was said to have “begged” Karen not to tell Kurt or anyone else. He also repeatedly apologized but Karen said she would still be telling Kurt about this so Strowman then reportedly said he’d get on his knees and beg.

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  • As the story goes, Strowman did eventually get on his knees and begged her not to tell anyone in front of a lot of WWE wrestlers. Karen then said that even if Kurt was not the father of her son, he should not act like that to a mother who was simply asking for an autograph for her son and Strowman agreed and once again apologized.

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