Cody Rhodes Says He's Impressed By Bullet Club & WWE UK Champion Pete Dunne

Pro wrestling star Cody Rhodes was recently interviewed by Crave Online to promote his ROH World Championship match against Christopher Daniels at tonight’s ROH: Best In The World 2017 pay-per-view. Below are some of the highlights.

On the level of competition in pro wrestling right now: “It is bountiful, man, the amount of talent there and just the amount of ways to watch it and the competition that exists between us. It’s just a hell of a time. The level of competition in the world of wrestling outside the WWE is absolutely the highest. Take a look at Christopher Daniels. Take a look at Okada, those are main eventers anywhere they want to be. When it comes to the independents, the competition is so high. Pete Dunne comes to mind. This was before he had his WWE UK Championship. There are guys like that everywhere. That’s the beauty of this period.

“People keep waiting for 96 and 97 and not realizing that you’re in the middle of a boom. It’s happening now because wrestling is accessible. It’s not difficult to find what you want. If you don’t like WWE, you can turn on New Japan World. If you like WWE, you have the WWE Network. If you want to watch ROH, you watch the PPV. It’s all there.”

On being impressed by the success of the Bullet Club faction: “Being part of this movement; the Bullet Club movement, it’s unexpected,” Rhodes said. “You have guys like [Karl] Anderson, [Luke] Gallows and [Finn] Balor and you see the foreground set and how they’ve lined up the playing field and then you have it now where it has grown and grown. It almost scares you to the level of its reach. It’s on shelves now in retail outlets next to WWE merchandise and it’s not within the WWE circle so that’s the biggest indicator of its success.

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“The Japanese fans, the Japanese culture, it kind of tickles me how much they have embraced it. They love it and I feel I’m so mean to them yet you come to the hotel after these shows and they come running and they all have the shirt on. When we broke that merchandise record in the Tokyo Dome, it rattled me. I remember staying up that night and thinking, ‘How here? How did we do it here?’ There’s something that clicks. I’m just really flattered at the connection we’ve made.”

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