Jim Ross Looks At Rumors Of Bill Goldberg Returning For One More WWE Run

Jim Ross addressed the recent rumors regarding the potential WWE return of Bill Goldberg in the latest blog posted on his official website on Monday afternoon.

After claiming that he has heard the reports about WWE and Goldberg talking again, he stated that he could see Goldberg coming back for one final “farewell” run culminating at WrestleMania 33 in Orlando.

“If Bill’s reps don’t price him out of the process, I can easily see WWE bringing the native Oklahoman back as a special attraction centered around a main event level match in Orlando,” wrote Ross in his Monday blog.

JR continued, explaining why he would prefer to see Goldberg kept out of the ring until WrestleMania 33, noting that is where he would have his first official match back in WWE. As JR wrote, however, he could see things playing out differently.

“One question might be could one produce a meaningful “TV angle” and have Goldberg’s first match be at Wrestlemania, which is what I would likely prefer,” said JR. “Unless a handful of key matches could be promoted that would increase revenues for all and get Bill sharp for WrestleMania 33.”

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