Impact Wrestling Viewership Drops For Live Show With Damien Sandow's Debut

This past Thursday night’s edition of Impact Wrestling on Pop TV, which featured the TNA debut of former WWE Superstar Damien Sandow, who is now using the name Aron Rex (see above), dropped slightly in viewership compared to last week’s show.

This week’s edition of Impact Wrestling drew 315,000 total viewers to Pop TV on Thursday night, August 11th, according to By comparison, last week’s show, which was a regular taped episode that aired on Thursday, August 4th, drew 317,000 total viewers.

Impact Wrestling this week was live and featured a rare, promoted-in-advance debut of a well-known former WWE performer in Damien Sandow, which was covered by and pushed by TNA leading up to the show on Thursday. At the same time, the show faced stiff competition in the form of the Olympics this week, so the number was basically what one would expect all things considered.

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