HHH Speaks On If The Brand Split Will Change NXT, Differences Between NXT & RAW/SmackDown

Triple H recently spoke at-length about NXT in an interview published by ESPN today. Triple H oversees the NXT brand, and says it’s hard to imagine that just a few years ago NXT was just a concept, and now it’s something “so much more” than that. The Game talked about the importance of NXT not just being a recreation of RAW or SmackDown.

“To me, our industry is kind of like music. There are all different kinds of genres in music and with Raw and SmackDown you are trying to hit the most mainstream level of enjoyment of the product that you can, sort of like in pop music,” Triple H said. “NXT is a bit more of a style of music. It’s a bit more intimate, it’s a bit more designed to hit our hardest core fans and give them something that they will enjoy. To me, at the end of the day, that’s the core of what we do.

“But it’s still understanding that Raw and SmackDown are completely different where you are trying to hit the biggest audience possible,” he continued. “I’m excited that people like NXT so much, obviously, but I’m excited that we have that variety. If it was all the same, I don’t know that the interest level would be the same and that’s part of the magic of what [NXT] is. It’s different. One is not better, they are different.”

The former multi-time World Heavyweight Champion also talked about how the upcoming brand split and draft on the 19th will change NXT. Triple H says NXT isn’t doomed when talent leaves for the RAW or SmackDown rosters, because they make new characters.

“It’s always fresh, it’s always different, it always feels like there is something new going on to me,” HHH said of NXT. “With NXT being different, it complements Raw and SmackDown. You have the opportunity to see these guys come in and make a name for themselves on a bigger platform. They can grow themselves while helping to create NXT’s brand. Then, if you’re following NXT, you’re ahead of the curve when they come to Raw and SmackDown. You know everything about them and their back stories. It’s like being a fan of the band before they hit it big. You have that claim to fame. And to our most passionate fan base that’s an exciting vibe that we have.”

HHH also theorized that the reason why WWE’s social media numbers are strong is because their fans like to be head of the curve and be the first to know new things about their programming.

You can read The Game’s entire interview with ESPN here.

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