Jim Ross Blog: Sting & Dudley Boyz' WWE Return, New Wyatt Member

The following are highlights of the latest Jim Ross blog:

On Sting vs. Seth Rollins at WWE Night Of Champions: “Strategic booking for the Sting vs. Seth Rollins main event at WWE Night of Champions in Houston on Sunday September 20 in the Toyota Center. Sting had some great dys in Houston back in the mid 80’s with Watts and Boesch so he’s no stranger to the marketplace plus he lives in Texas these days. I don’t see this as a long term scenario but the build will be fine and the match is fresh and provides both men something new to sink their teeth into. The Sting reveal was well executed and created a buzz as the show went off the air. Sting will likely surprise all with his match against the talented Rollins.”

On The Dudley Boyz being back in WWE: “Great seeing those “Damn Dudley’s” back on WWE TV. Good ‘get’ by WWE as Bubba and Devon can mentor the young tag teams and provide some marketable name identity for live events. Young talents cannot improve with out working with talents of a higher skill set. The Dudley’s have that in spades.”

On the new Wyatt Family: “Nice debut for the newest member of the Wyatt Family, Braun Stowman, and the odds game might actually help Bray Wyatt in becoming a more main stream heel as he’s close to being a character baby face in my eyes. Stowman’s second appearance on RAW will be important on how hes going to be perceived. This green talent needs to be handled/booked carefully until he gets his main roster, sea legs under him. How this big, impressive looking, young talent SELLS is going to be crucial in his development.”

On Finn Balor vs. Kevin Owens from NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn: “Thought that Finn Balor and Kevin Owens had a terrific match on Saturday night that I got to finally see. Really strong story telling, selling and the will to win. In that match, winning seemed to be paramount and losing not an option either talent wanted to consider. On many TV bouts it doesn’t feel that way.”

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