Nikki Bella Talks About Cena's Broken Nose, Says He Is 100% Healthy

The following are highlights of a new FOX Sports interview with Nikki Bella:

On her reaction to John Cena breaking his nose: “I was so scared. When you see someone’s nose on the side of their face, just gushing blood, and then when you love the guy and you care about him; I was just like, what’s going on, why is he not coming back?”

On being in the hospital with him after the show: “But you know John’s Superman. So he finished the match. But I was still scared and I stayed with him in the hospital that night. He had emergency surgery. I was his nurse all week. But he’s doing amazing. He’s 100 percent now. And I just honestly have never seen anyone in my life heal like John. He heals so fast and he’s so strong but that was pretty scary.”

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