WWE Live Event Results (9/26/14) – East Rutherford, NJ

Thanks to reader Joey T. from Philadelphia for sending this in!

Just got done at the live event in East Rutherford. Izod center was half full, half empty. 90% of lower level was full, and most of second level was taped off. Good crowd though.

Opening match was usos over wyatts. Solid opening match.

Next match was Adrian Neville over Tyson Kid. BEST MATCH OF THE NIGHT. Neville is amazing.

Next was Big E and Kofi w/ Xavier woods over Los Matadores w/ el torito. Interesting note, big e and Kofi were pushed as faces and Matadores were showing as heels. Hope that new stable happens.

4th match was Natalya over Paige via sharpshooter. Good match. Natalya was looking good.

5th match was big show over bray wyatt via knockout punch. Typical big show match. It’s so frustrating how they’re not using bray anymore….


First match back was Khali over Slater Gator. Khali was absolutely HORRIBLE. Don’t know how or why he is still wrestling…or why they put the belt on him a few years ago…

Next was Sheamus retaining the U.S. Title over Cesaro. Very good match. Second best match of the night. Even though I know the deal with house shows, I could’ve sworn cesaro was about to win the title. Interesting note: I got a bad look from a parent for screaming “Sheamus sucks”!

Main event was Cena and Ambrose over Orton and Rollins. Solid match.

Whether or not you guys choose to post this is your decision, but I figured I’d give the best pro wrestling insiders some live event results.

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