Liberation and rebirth: 4 trends for Spring/Summer 2022

Global trend forecasting agency Fashion Snoops has held a virtual event detailing the key trends that will dominate SS22 fashion and accessories, beauty and wellness, and home decor. The talk touched on the way consumer needs have
changed in the past year, particularly during the Covid-19 pandemic, and
how brands can navigate and win in the “new normal”. Here is a rundown of
the four key trends to keep an eye on.


The first of the trends, Rebirth, draws inspiration from people’s desire
in the past year to let go of the weight holding them back and allow room
to be reborn. The trend is about looking to nature, connecting to natural
cycles, spirituality and indigenous wisdom as a form of escapism from life
in lockdown.

This appreciation for nature brings with it a new-found desire to know
where our products come from and the processes used to make them. This
includes regenerative design using innovative plant-based materials and raw
materials such as hemp, flax and vegan leathers. Features include
unfinished edges that give a rugged feel, functional attributes like big
pockets for a sense of convenient practicality, intricate layered and woven
details, and knits and mesh constructions mimicking the irregularities of
natural growing foliage.

The trend is dominated by nature-infused colours such as dark browns,
refreshing greens and honey oranges.

Photos: (Top left) Stella McCartney SS21 courtesy of the
brand, (top right) Marques’Almeida SS21 courtesy of the brand, (middle) H&M
Conscious collection courtesy of the brand, (bottom) Adidas Futurecraft
Loop courtesy of the brand


The second trend, Essential, is inspired by consumers’ heightened
appreciation this year for the things that really matter in life including
community, family and friends. The pandemic has offered us a moment of
pause to explore the idea of ‘less is better’ as we rediscover a love for
creating our own food and other products.

This is reflected in the trend through handmade and purposed garments
made from deadstock or recycled materials, as crafting becomes a type of
therapy as we look to reuse what we already have instead of adding to
mountains of waste. Materials include linen blends, hand-woven leathers and
double weaves, among others. The colour palette again features a lot of
natural, raw tones including a nutrient-infused grouping of pinks as well
as purples, browns and root green.

Photos (from top to bottom): Dolce & Gabbana SS21 courtesy of
Alessandro Lucioni /, Scotch & Soda/Schueller de Waal courtesy
of Scotch and Soda, Terracotta Row courtesy of the brand


The third trend, Nourish, is inspired by people’s desire to heal after
what has been such a traumatic year for many. To counteract the
unprecedented anxiety of the unknown and fear of becoming ill, we look
towards healing both physically and mentally through exercise and
meditation. Wellness is now at the centre of everything to do, and that is
reflected in fashion.

Key features to this trend are sensual curves and rounded shapes,
emphasising motion and sensuality while also instilling a sense of comfort
– like a welcome hug. Uncluttered design amid a renewed appreciation for
essential and regenerated minimalism is key. Materials used are clean and
comfortable, including untreated leathers and organic fibres. Recycled
post-consumer plastics are also important.

The colour palette is soothing and effervescent, with an array of
off-kilter pastels that are calming without being overly sweet and sugary,
while vibrant pops balance the softness and acidity. There are also a
series of warm, rich neutrals that ground the palette.

Photos: (Top) Raf Simons SS21 courtesy of, (bottom) Stella McCartney SS21 courtesy of the


The final trend, Liberate, is inspired by people’s desire this year to
break the barriers holding them back and express themselves in new and
powerful ways. It comes as many people look to art as a new way to express
and share creativity during lockdown, while beyond that, polarising
politics and the powerful BLM movement have pushed people to demand
solidarity, equity and justice for all.

This trend breaks free from constructs such as gender norms and bridges
the gap between physical and digital worlds through the use of new
technologies such as digital design and 3D printing. Designs prioritise
punctuality with materials such as nylons, spandex and rayon.

The colour palette is polarised, with energised neon brights, cool,
futurist, digital neons, orange-tinted reds and pink-infused shades.

Photos: (Top) Louis Vuitton SS21 courtesy of Filippo Fior /, (bottom left) Chanel SS21 courtesy of Lucioni – Oberraouch,
(bottom right) Burberry SS21 courtesy of the brand

Main article image: H&M Conscious collection, courtesy of the

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