Jim Ross Ends His 21-Year Relationship With WWE

Today is the final day that WWE Hall of Fame announcer Jim Ross is officially under contract with WWE. He tweeted late Tuesday night:

JR’s active role with WWE ended last summer following his role as the host of the infamous WWE 2K14 panel at SummerSlam Axxess. Shortly after that event “going off the rails,” Jim Ross and Vince McMahon mutually agreed to part ways.

Ross took a lot of the blame for the way Ric Flair handled himself at the event and says that one day, he plans to write about what went down and suspects that some people will be embarrassed about the details he reveals. He wrote at

“No, I haven’t been invited to Summerslam to be involved in the WWE2K15 video game presentation. Yeah, it’s a funny question but you wouldn’t believe how many people are asking.”

“I have no plans to be in L.A. during Summerslam time unless I’m there to do work for Fox Sports or Podcast One. That weekend (in 2013) will be an interesting read when I write about it some day. It could be embarrassing for some.”

For all of his ups and downs with WWE management, Jim Ross is viewed by many as one of the greatest wrestling announcers of all time. it was one hell of a run.

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