Jim Cornette Talks About CM Punk's WWE Departure

Between The Ropes interview with Jim Cornette
Host: Brian Fritz
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On his place in wrestling history: “I would eventually like to be remembered as the second best manager ever in wrestling next to Bobby Heenan. If I could get that, I’d be happy.”

On having any regrets or being too outspoken: “I’ve been cranky with people in the past. I get cranky because I always place more importance on the quality of what I was doing because I was a fan and all performers are insecure I guess. I was always a wrestling fan. If I was allowed in this business, I wanted to get it right. I wanted to be noted for being a great whatever I was doing at the time and that was more valuable to me than money. It was never a job to me. So, I’ve probably short-changed myself but at the same time I would not have had as many of the wonderful experiences that I have had if I hadn’t pissed some of the people off I’ve pissed off.”

On why there is still typecasting in wrestling when it comes to size of wrestlers and that hasn’t changed considering all of the changes in wrestling over the years: “I don’t ****ing know what the people looking for talent are looking for these days. It’s almost to the point where I hate doing a wrestling school seminar because if I tell a guy ‘you’re great, I’d hire you in a second’ that’s the kiss of death. I look for drive and passion for the business and aptitude, a certain amount of look but a certain amount of potential also for a look that you might have. And a guy who is a natural performer in the ring. I don’t know. As I always say for the type of people who like that type of thing, that’s the type of thing those people like.”

On CM Punk leaving the WWE: “I can totally identify with CM Punk. His body is beaten up, he’s been on the road for ten years, he doesn’t live big and I’m sure he’s got more money than the federal government and he doesn’t like what they’re doing with him and he’s just tired of the whole thing and he wants to go rest. And he said at a comic convention one of these days he’s going to go buy a cabin in the middle of nowhere and we’re never going to see him again. You know, I wish I could have been like that. I said I’ve made six-figure incomes most of the last 30 years but I never made a million dollars. And guys these days can make a million dollars. If I had made a million dollars in one year, we wouldn’t be having this conversation. I’d be in the castle but no one would ever see me again. All in all, ****, Punk, good for you! Go home and don’t come back until you want to. I love that. That is the greatest thing I’ve ever heard.”

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