WWE Interviews Big E & Ambrose About Unifying The IC & US Titles

Just a few weeks after the unification of the WWE Championship and the World Heavyweight championship, is already questioning whether the company should also unify the secondary Intercontinental and United States championships. Who better to discuss a possible unification than the reigning champions themselves, Big E Langston and Dean Ambrose.

Both men agreed that unification is a good idea if it means the secondary title would have more prestige, which it undoubtedly would. While Ambrose was on board with the idea of introducing an entirely new belt, Big E says the United States title should be absorbed into the IC title:

“The Intercontinental Championship should always be around in WWE. It’s very historic, and I don’t think we should lose that history.”

When asked how the belts should be unified, Langston suggested a scaffold match, while Ambrose is in favor of a steel cage match.

When asked directly if they’re ready for a Champion vs. Champion showdown, Langston says he would “welcome the challenge” and Ambrose said, “I feel that what I’ve given and sacrificed for the U.S. Title, I’d be willing to put that on the line as a pride thing. It’s just as good as the Intercontinental Title. That’s something I’d be willing to prove.”

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