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Shannon Rose and Marc Mero Join Forces to Raise Awareness of Bullying

(Los Angeles, CA) Nov 28- Shannon Rose, Owner of Eclectic Media, and Marc Mero, International Speaker and Former Wrestling Champion join forces to raise awareness of bullying.

Approximately 2.1 Million students bully approximately 2.7 Million students each year.

Marc Mero is saving and changing the lives of youth with The Champion of Choices School Program, which focuses on many timely and significant challenges that students experience daily including: bullying, substance abuse, suicide prevention, choosing the right friends and goal setting.

During a live, 70 minute full-production presentation, Marc Mero presents a powerful, candid and moving message that encourages students to make meaningful choices and pursue their passions. His personal and entertaining stories about his own positive and negative choices inspire students to choose to be champions.

About Marc Mero
Marc is a former internationally known WWE and WCW Wrestling Champion. Marc has presented over 700 full-production presentations at schools, corporations, and churches. Marc’s message is powerful and entertaining, but ultimately, it is intended to inspire students and people of all ages to make the right choices and dream big. The Champion of Choices School Program is currently America’s #1-Requested Anti-Bullying School Program.

About Shannon Rose
Shannon Rose is a Professional Speaker where he Ring Announces for various wrestling companies. A Hollywood Reporter, Radio Personality and Publicist with insider connections in Television and Radio to bring you closer to the goals you wish to reach. Shannon has over 20 years of experience working in Public Relations.

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Marc Mero is represented by Eclectic Media Productions.

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