WWE House Show Results (5/4/13) – Wheeling, West Virginia

Results by reader Justin BUG Swoyer. If you are attending any WWE live events and would like to contribute results, please click HERE to send them.

Here are the results from WWE live event on 5-4-13 at Wheeling, WV’s WesBanco

Prior to the first match we’re told that the United States title would be
defended by Kofi Kingston against Antonio Cesaro and we got to text & pick
the stipulation, either “2 out of 3 Falls” or “No Disqualification”

MATCH 1: Fandango (with Summer Rae) vs. R-Truth
Fandango got huge heat, no one singing along with the fad of his song &
dancing. R-Truth got a massive pop and lots of “What’s Up?” chants. Decent
match with one stiff move (Truth took a helluvah drop kick to the face).
Fandango would end up with the pin and did his “What’s my name” bit a few
times, got good heat from that, too

MATCH 2: Heath Slater vs. Adrian Neville (from NXT)
Despite Slater being billed as from West Virginia, he got very little
reaction from the crowd. No one really knew who Neville was, looks like a
beefed up version of Billy Kidman. Typical “I’m the heel, you’re the new guy
who’ll pin me” action with Slater taking much of the offense until this
Neville guy put on a wrestling clinic of acrobatic moves. Great finisher
from Neville, hitting a corkscrew twisting flying body press from the top
rope for the win. This got the fans into him big time

Prior to the next match, Vicki Guerrero comes out with the “excuse me!” bit,
got massive heat for it. She announced the next match being a Diva’s tag
team encounter.

MATCH 3: Divas Champion Kaitlyn & Paige (NXT) vs. Tamina Snuka & Emma (NXT)
Snuka got a small amount of heat when she came out. Emma…geezuz, she was
beyond annoying doing some weird “Walk Like an Egyptian” walk and clumsily
came into the ring. Even her song was annoying. Massive pop for Kaitlyn,
who came out with Paige. Typical Divas slop match, nothing at all exciting.
Snuka hit her finisher on Kaitlyn who didn’t sell it at all. She got up and
hit a spear for the win. Afterwards Kaitlyn & Paige tried to bring Vicki
back into the ring but she escaped, eventually being hit (with Snuka and that
annoying Emma) with a baseball slide from the face Divas.

MATCH 4: Zakk Ryder vs. Mark Henry
Ryder got good face pop coming out but Henry’s crowd reaction trumped it
massively. Nothing new in this match, it’s been done 1,001 times on RAW &
Smackdown already. Finish had Ryder trying to do a flying body press, only
to get caught and dropped with the World’s Biggest Slam by Henry. Zakk Ryder
loves re-entry into the Hall of Pain

MATCH 5: Ryback vs. Sheamus
Ryback got a HUGE face pop until fans realized he was facing Sheamus, who got
a HUGE face pop as well. Ryback blew off the “Feed Me More” chants to try to
sell he was indeed a heel now. Good match, almost a main event on RAW-type
encounter. Went back and forth until Ryback knocked Sheamus into the stairs
outside the ring and came in to beat the 10 count. Ryback wins but the brawl
continued with him trying to hit Shell Shock on Sheamus, only for the Celtic
Warrior to swarm out and hit the Brogue Kick to a MASSIVE reaction. Sheamus
then high fived everyone along ringside and up the aisles, including signing
one kid’s sign.


MATCH 6: UNITED STATES TITLE MATCH Kofi Kingston (c) vs. Antonio Cessaro
Cessaro gets a slight heat reaction from the crowd, followed by a great pop
for Kingston. It’s announced the two will face in a No DQ match, which got a
strong reaction. A couple Kendo sticks came into play, as well as three
chairs and two tables. Good back and forth “near falls” until Kofi did a
body press onto Cessaro through the table for the win. Excellent match for a
house show!

MATCH 7: Bray Wyatt (with a broken-nose mask) vs. Alex Riley
Absolutely no reaction to Wyatt, he moved with the grace of a sloth and is
trying too hard to be Mankind/Abyss/Abdullah the Butcher/Waylon Mercy/Boogie
Man/Papa Shango all mixed in a blender and poo’d out by the WWE Creative
team. In other words, been there…done that. Riley got a nice crowd
reaction but this died as the horribly boring match ensued. The Poo’d
wrestler did a overly done finisher (a bending Downward Spiral-esque
maneuver) for the win to no reaction.

MAIN EVENT: Team Hell No & John Cena vs. the SHIELD
MASSIVE MASSIVE MASSIVE pops to Daniel Bryan when he came out first, lots of
“YES YES YES” chants. Kane got good face pop, too. Looooooooooots of Cena
fans in Wheeling, his entrance was defeaning. The SHIELD came out to HUGE
face/heel pops (just a personal note, my seats were the first four into the
aisle so my boys were right there when all three members of the SHIELD came
down, allowing them to pat them as they walked by which just made their
night. Sorry, I’m a Dad and that also made MY night, had to share!). Great
main event that lasted a solid 15-20 minutes, with both Bryan and Cena
getting the “good guy tag team” beat downs with Kane eventually cleaning
house. Finish came when the SHIELD used a chair on Kane to cause a DQ. They
tried to Triple Power Bomb Daniel Bryan from the top rope but Kane & Cena
saved and both hit their finishers (AA & Choke Slam) in perfect sync, causing
the SHIELD to disperse.

After the event, Daniel posed with both tag belts and Cena with his WWE
title, making Kane sad. Kane eventually snagged his belts and Bryan demanded
his back but Kane started a NO chant. Thus, Bryan demanded Cena’s belt, to
which he agreed IF Bryan would do the WWE in West Virginia tradition…he had
to sing the first line & chorus to John Denver’s “Country Roads” (which got a
few LET’S GO MOUNTAINEERS! chants). Cena & Bryan started singing, which lead
Daniel to hilariously break into a ho-down dance & stomp.
Cena kept his promise and Daniel Bryan posed with the WWE title, which was
very funny. Kane takes the belt back and gives it to Cena, which lead to
Bryan noting how Kane DIDN’T sing. Kane knew a good solution and he and
Bryan did a stand-off *HUG*, which got a great laugh from the crowd. Cena
was noted by both members of Hell No for not having included himself in the
hug, so instead Cena brought in a fan at ring side (who had a sign that I
believe said “Kaitlyn here needs a Cena hug”. Cena gave her a huge hug,
which Bryan shouted NO, and she shouted YES, and he NO, and she YES which
80’s dropped Bryan to the mat, which she followed up with the “You Can’t C
Me” pose, great pop for her from the crowd. The trio once more sang “Country
Roads” to end the night.

Overall, every stellar main-event, alongside a great U.S. title match and a
good Sheamus/Ryback brawl. The other matches were basically forgettable,
save for a decent Fandango/R-Truth match and a great NXT appearance by Adrian

Rock on, Rajah!

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