WWE House Show Results (4/20/13) – Birmingham, UK

Results by: Neil Littlewood, reader

Santino, 3MB minus Heath & Ted DiBiase vs primo & epico, ptp
Slow start all broke down santino pins epico
Shield ambush santino and ted then cut a promo about the main event

Fandango vs Alex Riley
Fandango cut a promo while crowd sang his theme tune. fandango won with new

Mark Henry backstage promo

Hornswoggle was guest ring announcer for divas match. Natalya vs Alicia Fox.
No crowd reaction at all lots of toilet breaks from fans natalya wins with

Sheamus backstage promo about his match

Mark Henry vs The Great Khali
Crowd chanting “Sexual Chocolate”
Henry wins with WSS

Jack Swagger Vs ADR No DQ
Jack and Zeb cut heel promo. Zeb ejected due to Twitter vote. Massive we want
tables chant Swagger used kendo stick ADR gets table but Swagger stops him
using it. Close calls. Swagger gets a chair massive enzeghuri off the apron
and ADR takes control Swagger counters to Patriot Lock RR hands ADD cane to
hit Swagger with to break hold. Swagger throws ADE through table ADR wins
with cross arm breaker


Wade vs Gabriel for IC title
Barrett retains with bull hammer

Big Show vs Randy Orton
Back and forth orton countered WMD to hit RKO for win, biggest pop of the

Main Event
New Age Outlaws and Sheamus vs Shield

Reigns used a chair and baby faces hit finishers to send crowd home happy

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