Triple H To Answer Heyman & Lesnar On RAW, Wade Barrett Talks WM29

– Triple H announced on Twitter that he will be on RAW next week to respond to Paul Heyman’s challenge, where Triple H has to agree to fight Brock Lesnar without knowing what the match stipulations will be.

– The ToledoFreePress has an interview up with Wade Barrett. Here’s what he said about the buzz in the WWE locker room surrounding WrestleMania 29 – and not having a match yet on the show:

“It’s pretty tense, actually,” Barrett said, describing the WWE locker room. “Especially for me, because I obviously missed last year’s WrestleMania because of the injury I got just beforehand. Everyone’s looking at the card, it’s really starting to take shape — I think we’ve got two or three matches that are kind of set for WrestleMania — and everyone’s looking at that card and thinking, ‘I’ve got to get myself on there pretty quickly,’ because unfortunately, there are limited spaces on the WrestleMania card. It’s not like everyone is going to get on there.”

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