Opening Segment For RAW Announced, Paul Heyman vs. Ryback Pictures & More

– Paul Heyman’s Heyman Hustle website has published exclusive photos of Heyman’s match against Ryback at December’s Madison Square Garden live event. Yours truly was at the show in person and the atmosphere during the special attraction match was unique to say the least. Without giving too much away about the match result, let’s just say that Mr. Heyman got introduced to a table the hard way.

– Speaking of the Heyman Hustle site, they’ve also got exclusive pictures of former WWE Diva (and former Baltimore Ravens cheerleader) Stacy Keibler with her beau George Clooney on the red carpet at the recent Golden Globe awards, which you can view here.

– The opening segment of tonight’s WWE RAW will see The Miz hosting Miz TV with his special guest .. Paul Heyman.

* EXCLUSIVE News On The UNDERTAKER’s Status For WM29 – NOT Medically Cleared To Wrestle

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