Mick Foley Comedy Tour Begins, Daniel Bryan Demands Perfect Touts (Video)

– Following his appearance as Dude Love at Monday’s RAW 1,000 show, hardcore wrestling legend Mick Foley will begin a new comedy tour tonight in Montreal, Canada dubbed, “Mick Foley: Good God Almighty!” The first show will take place Wednesday night at Underworld in Montreal, with shows also scheduled for Friday and Saturday.

Foley spoke to to promote the tour and made this interesting comparison between bombing on stage while doing comedy and a wrestling match not going well:

“Fortunately, failing in comedy is restricted to mental anguish. Worst-case scenario after a wrestling match is you’re down on yourself and you’re bleeding.”

– WWE superstar Derek Bateman filmed the following Tout backstage at Tuesday’s SmackDown tapings, featuring Daniel Bryan and Hornswoggle. After Hornswoggle stumbled in one of his recent Touts, Bryan makes hi pay for it and says that he demands perfect Touts:

* Daniel Bryan vs. Charlie Sheen At SummerSlam?!

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