Update On Bruno Sammartino's Talks With Triple H

Wrestling legend Bruno Sammartino spoke to this week to discuss Triple H recently calling him and trying to get him to accept WWE’s offer to enter their Hall of Fame next year. Here are some highlights of what Sammartino said about Triple H’s phone call to him:

– They spoke for a while. Triple H was a gentleman and impressed him. Triple H tried to open the lines of communication between Bruno and WWE, since Bruno and Vince McMahon have been on bad terms for decades.

– Triple H thinks that Bruno Sammartino being inducted in the NY/NJ area would be a great idea since he wrestled most of his big matches at Madison Square Garden. The Garden was named as a possible location for the Hall of Fame ceremony.

– Bruno turned down the offer because he still has issues with WWE and doesn’t feel right changing the position he’s had for so long. Sammartino said he appreciated everything Triple H and WWE offered but he simply cannot accept the offer.

– Bruno doesn’t like the fact that WWE does not have a physical building for the Hall of Fame and the fact that many non-wrestlers inducted.

– Bruno said he has no interest in working with WWE in any capacity as long as Vince McMahon is part of the company.

– Sammartino believes Triple H wants to do the right things for the business. Triple H told him that WWE has moved away from some of the aspects of the product that turned Sammartino off.

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