TNA Wrestler Discusses His Relationship With Mickie James, How Old Is Velvet Sky?

— Velvet Sky turns 31 years old Saturday. She thanked her fans via Twitter for their birthday wishes and gifts.

“Thank you sooo much to my #PigeonArmy for all the happy bday wishes and thank you guys for all the gifts! I truly have the best fans ever!!” Sky wrote.

— Dark Angel (a/k/a Sarita) competed at Friday’s EMLL live event at Arena Mexico as she, Estrellita and Marcela beat Amapola, La Seductora and Tiffany in a tag team match.

— During an interview with Power Slam, Magnus was asked if he is dating Mickie James; he replied “yes.” He was then asked if dating a fellow wrestler is challenging.

“I always said I would never do it because of the obvious difficulties which can arise. But its worked out pretty well.” Magnus said. “You can’t help the way you feel: it’s one of those things. We’ve been able coexist up until this point.”

Magnus and James currently reside in Virginia.

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