WWE Raw Report (02/20/12) – Minneapolis, Minnesota

WWE Raw 02/20
We are live in: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Commentators: Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler

The show starts with a recap of last week when Cena saved Eve from being taken away by Kane. They kiss, and Zack Ryder catches them in the act. Cena tries to apologize to Ryder, and Ryder gets tossed off the ramp by Kane. He gets carted off into an ambulance.

The camera cuts to Eve backstage talking to the Bella Twins. They make small talk until Nicki asks Eve how Zack is. She can’t imagine how distraught she must be. She knows they’re just friends, but Zack is a great guy.

Eve suddenly bursts into laughter.

She says that, for one thing, she and Zack were never friends. Zack thought they were friends, and she was just using him. Now people all over the world are talking about her. Zack is an idiot, and he never even got to first base with her. He’s like a child. She doesn’t even think he would know what to do with a woman like her.

Nicki and Brie looked shocked and disgusted.

Eve asks why they looked surprised. That’s what people in this world do; they use each other. And now she’s got the big fish hooked. Just like she used Zack Ryder, she’s gonna use John Cena. Just wait until you see what she does tonight. John is gonna try to apologize to her, but she’s going to go to him first.

She gives Brie her phone.

Eve says that she has it set on video, and that she wants them to film her walking into John Cena’s locker room. They hesitantly go along with it, and Eve turns around only to run into Cena. Cena, having just overheard everything Eve said, chuckles and heads to the ring. Eve stands there looking nervous.

The show now starts properly with the opening theme music.

Cut to the arena. Pyro shoots out.

John Cena comes out and heads to the ring.

We get a couple pictures of Cena’s Ambulance match with Kane at Elimination Chamber.

Cena is about to talk when Eve suddenly comes out asking the fans to give her a minute to explain.

Eve enters the ring.

She says it was totally taken out of context. She can explain.

Cena interrupts.

He says first of all, if you wanna talk speak up. Second of all, she’s been talking quite enough. She wants to explain, but he was there for all that “rigamaroo”, so he’ll give all the cliff notes. Eve has apparently been sipping the skank juice, and her plan is to use her “assets” to further her career.

Eve asks for Cena to listen to her. They’ve been friends for a long time.

Cena says she wants to talk about friends. Because of her, he lost a good friend in Zack Ryder. He lost a broski for a “hoeski”.

Eve says to hear her out, she can explain everything, but Cena starts up a “hoeski” chant with the fans.

She says she was just joking around and having some fun.

Cena says wait. Something amazing has just happened. It just hit him. She shouldn’t be wasting her time with him. She should be holding out for the biggest fish, his WrestleMania opponent The Rock. She’s completely disingenuous, egomaniacally self centered, and she’ll use anybody to get anything she wants. Those two are perfect for each other; they’re both scandalous bitches!

Eve falls to the mat and starts crying. Cena, out of sympathy, goes over to her and tries to help her up, but Even suddenly grabs hold of Cena and tries to get him to kiss her. Cena calls for help from ringside officials. Two referees enter the ring and hold Eve back. Cena grabs the microphone before leaving and says…

John Cena: “For your information i’m disease free, and i’d like to keep it that way.”

Cena exits the ring and heads backstage. Eve has a breakdown and is forced out of the ring by the referees and a member of the backstage crew.

We cut to a video package of The Undertaker. He says that Triple H’s denials are unacceptable. Every story has an ending, and he will write his tonight.

-Commercial Break-

Back from break, and Sheamus comes out. He heads to the ring for a match. Justin Roberts announces that Sheamus will face Daniel Bryan for the World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania.

Mark Henry comes out next. He heads down to the ring as Sheamus’ opponent.

Match #1

[Sheamus vs. Mark Henry]
[Singles Match]

The bell sounds. Sheamus and Henry tie up. Henry pushes Sheamus into a turnbuckle and clubs him against the corner. Sheamus gets out of the corner only to be knocked into another one. Henry whips Sheamus into the ropes and knocks him down with a forearm shot to the head. He gets Sheamus back up and goes for a short arm clothesline, but Sheamus ducks and clips Henry’s leg. Henry tries to get up and Sheamus knocks him back with a high knee to the face. Sheamus tries to whip Henry, but Mark holds his position and overpowers Sheamus, whipping him back into the turnbuckle. Henry runs forward and Sheamus kicks him in the face. Sheamus climbs to the top and hits a shoulder tackle off the top for a one count. Henry rolls onto the apron. Sheamus grabs him and hits clubbing blows to the chest. He only gets ton six before Henry knocks him back with an elbow. Henry grabs Sheamus and drops him with a right hand. He whips Sheamus into another turnbuckle and body splashes him. He picks him back up and drives his shoulder into the abdomen. Henry backs up and goes for a clothesline, but Sheamus ducks and lands a few punches. Henry tosses Sheamus back in the corner, but Sheamus dodges it again and kicks Henry in the corner. The referee holds Sheamus back. Sheamus waits for Henry to get up and goes for a Brogue Kick, but Henry side steps and clotheslines him. Henry runs towards Sheamus and hits another body splash. He holds up Sheamus and goes for World’s Strongest Slam, but Sheamus slips behind Henry, waits for him to turn around and connects with the Brogue Kick. He covers for the three count.

[Winner via Pinfall: Sheamus]

We cut to John Laurinaitis in his office with David Otunga. He says he can’t believe how many people are talking about the Elimination Chamber. But they’re not talking about the championship match, or the ambulance match. They’re talking about him, “Mr. Excitement”.

There’s a knock at the door. Laurinaitis invites someone in, and it turns out to be Smackdown General Manager Teddy Long.

Laurinaitis says he wants Teddy to make himself at home and feel comfortable.

Teddy says this is not his home. And if it was, he wouldn’t be hanging out with them two. This is business.

Laurinaitis says it wasn’t his idea to be the General Manager of both Raw and Smackdown. It was David’s. He also had no idea that Alberto Del Rio, Mark Henry, and Christian would come out to support him last night. It made him feel good. He liked the idea.

Teddy says he likes the idea too. He thinks only one man should run both brands and be General Manager of both brands. But let’s see what the WWE Universe thinks right now. Let’s see who they think can do the better job.

Laurinaitis says he doesn’t care who they think can do a better job. All he cares about is what the Board of Directors think. He is the man for the job. And another thing…has he ever noticed how much taller he is than him?

Teddy asks him if he knows what a pile of compost is.

Laurinaitis says to tell him.

Teddy says it’s a stack of manure. And he didn’t know they could stack it that high.

Laurinaitis says that’s very funny. He may have presented Sheamus/Henry, but he’s got something better. Tonight there will be a 10 man battle royal, and the winner will face CM Punk for the WWE Championship at WrestleMania.

Teddy says he couldn’t have done that without him. He’s got his five, and he’s got his own five.

Otunga asks if he thinks Smackdown is better than Raw.

Teddy says what he’s saying is that anybody on the Smackdown roster is better than him.

Laurinaitis says that Otunga will face anybody on the Smackdown roster that Teddy chooses tonight.

Teddy agrees. Before leaving, he asks Otunga what’s with the bowtie.

Teddy Long: “You look like Pee Wee Herman’s Fairy Godmother.”

Later tonight, Undertaker and Triple H will meet face to face.

-Commercial Break-

Back from break and R-Truth comes out. He heads down to the ring for a tag team match.

Kofi Kingston comes out and heads to the ring as his partner.

The WWE Tag Team Champions, Primo and Epico, come out as their opponents.

Match #2

[R-Truth & Kofi Kingston vs. Primo & Epico]
[Tag Team Match]

The bell sounds. Truth and Epico start things out. They tie up. Truth with a side headlock. Epico pushes Truth into the turnbuckle, and Truth returns with a shoulder tackle. He runs the ropes, jumps over Epico, and on the return Epico goes for a leap frog. Truth stops himself from going under and clotheslines Epico down. He covers for a one count. Epico fights back with an elbow to the stomach. He goes for a whip, but Truth counters. Truth sets up for a back body drop, and Epico catches him with a kick to the face. Epico runs the ropes and Primo makes the blind tag. Truth ducks a clothesline attempt and nails Primo with a side kick to the head. Primo catches him with an axe handle to the back. Primo lands a few punches before taunting the crowd. Primo knocks Truth into the ropes and presses his head against the middle rope. Primo runs the ropes and catches him with a backslide across the head and out of the ring. Primo heads back into the ring and covers Truth for a one count. Primo picks up Truth and Truth fights back with punches. Primo counters with a drop toe hold. Kingston reaches for a tag and Primo knocks him off the apron. He turns around and Truth back body drops him. He makes the tag to Kingston.

Kingston springboards off the ropes and lands an overhead chop to Primo. He then runs over to Epico and knocks him off the apron. He turns around and knocks Primo down with two running chops to the chest followed by a dropkick. Kingston runs off the ropes and hits a running clothesline. Kingston off the ropes once more and hits the Boom Drop. Rosa Mendes gets on the apron and tries to distract Kingston. Epico goes to attack from behind, but Kingston catches him and tosses him on the apron. Epico grabs Kofi and drops his head on the top rope before falling off the apron. Truth jumps off the apron and knocks Epico to the ground. Primo gets back to his feet and goes for the Backstabber, but Kingston snapmares him off, waits for him to get up and hits Trouble in Paradise. He covers for the three count.

[Winners via Pinfall: R-Truth & Kofi Kingston]

Later tonight, the five men from the Raw Elimination Chamber and the five men from the Smackdown Elimination Chamber will face off in the ten man battle royal.

Up next, we get a new induction to the WWE Hall of Fame class of

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Back from break, and the next induction into the 2012 Hall of Fame is Ron Simmons. We get a video package highlighting Ron Simmons’ career in professional football, his early years in WCW as the first African American World Heavyweight Champion, and his time as a member of the APA with Bradshaw.

A replay is shown of Jericho getting knocked out by CM Punk during the Elimination Chamber match which forced him to be unable to compete.

We cut to Jericho standing with Josh Matthews backstage. Josh tells Chris that technically he wasn’t eliminated in last night’s WWE Championship Match.

Jericho says what they saw last night was a travesty of justice. The rules of the Chamber clearly state that in order to be eliminated you must be pinned or submitted. Jericho pinned Dolph Ziggler and he made Kofi Kingston submit. Then he took a cheap shot in the head from CM Punk, and he wakes up in the trainer’s room deemed unfit to compete. That is unfair. He was never eliminated from the chamber. What kind of champion is CM Punk to allow a victory like that to stand. He’s the kind of man that has no conviction, no heart, and doesn’t believe in what he says. He is the best in the world at everything he does. He believes it with every fiber of his being. He knows it, he IS it. Tonight is the end of the world as they know it, and every superstar in the battle royal is going to understand exactly what he’s saying, and CM Punk will know it to be true.

-Commercial Break-

Back from break, and David Otunga comes out along with John Laurinaitis. They head to the ring for Otunga’s match against a Smackdown opponent.

Ezekiel Jackson comes out along with Teddy Long as his opponent.

Match #3

[David Otunga vs. Ezekiel Jackson]
[Singles Match]

The bell sounds. They tie up and Jackson shoves Otunga to the mat. Otunga gets back up. Otunga runs and Jackson shoulder tackles him down. He picks Otunga up and clubs him on the back. He brings Otunga into a turnbuckle and lands a few punches. The referee pulls him back. Ezekiel goes back for more, but Otunga kicks him away. Jackson charges forward and Otunga catches him with a clothesline for a one count. Otunga lands a few punches to the chest and covers for another one count. Otunga with a sleeper hold submission. Jackson gets to his feet and lands a few elbows to push Otunga off. Otunga goes for a clothesline, but Jackson ducks and hits a forearm shot. Otunga to the turnbuckle and Jackson hits a couple body splashes. He whips Otunga into the opposite turnbuckle and goes for another body splash, but Otunga moves out of the way and Jackson hits the turnbuckle hard. Jackson stumbles back and Otunga catches him with a one-armed trust spinebuster. He covers and gets the three count.

[Winner via Pinfall: David Otunga]

Teddy helps Jackson out of the ring while Laurinaitis mocks him and celebrates with Otunga.

A recap is shown of last week on Raw when Shawn Michaels asked Triple H to look him in the eye and tell him he doesn’t want to end Undertaker’s streak. Look him in the eye and tell him now. Triple H, after fighting it for a bit, finally says no and leaves the ring.

We cut to a shot of Undertaker’s legs as he walks down a dark lit hallway. He’s heading to the ring.

-Commercial Break-

Back from break.



The lights go out. Fire shoots from the stage, and Undertaker comes out. He heads to the ring and addresses the situation with Triple H.

For nearly a year every passing moment of every passing day, he has lived the memory of the beating he took at the hands of Triple H at last year’s WrestleMania. It has been a living Hell. Not a physical Hell because the wounds have all healed. It’s been a Hell of uncertainty. An uncertainty that he can no longer bare. Three years ago he challenged Triple H for one more match at WrestleMania to end the uncertainty forever. Never in his wildest nightmares would he expect the answer that he got; he said no. But Hunter missed the point. It wasn’t his choice to make. This has to come to an end. They are on the verge of apocalypse for an era of wrestling. They are the last of their kind. So the suit, the tie, all the corporate liabilities, they’re just layers to cover up who he really is. They have to end the uncertainty. This is something that he cannot lie to himself about. He can lie to Shawn about it, but he will not lie to him. He will come out here and look him in the eyes. This thing is far bigger than the two of them. It is the apocalypse.

Triple H comes out. He heads down to the ring and steps face to face with Undertaker.

Triple H says that three weeks ago, Taker issued a challenge to him for WrestleMania. He looked him in the eye and what he saw-

Taker tells him to shut up. He can save his pity. He doesn’t need it. He’ll tell him what is pitiful. Pitiful is the excuses that he keeps coming up with not to do this.

Triple H says he gets it. He knows how bad he wants this. He’s right, this is the end of an era. They’re the last two of their kind. But their fate is not to end it. It’s to ensure that it carries on. His fate is to make sure that the WWE exists in the future. Taker’s fate is what it’s always been: to be the leader. To carry that torch for the next generation. To carry that torch and lead the way. He will not be the one to extinguish that flame. It’s bad for business.

Taker asks him to make this clear for him. Is it bad for business if he’s gone, or is it bad for business that he’ll be gone?

Triple H says it’s just plain bad for business. Here’s the thing. He gets it. While he has spent the last year living in a supposed uncertainty, he’s never been more certain of anything in his life. If he looks inside himself, he’ll be certain of it too. He’s not asking him for redemption, or salvation, or a shot at vengeance. He’s asking him for an end. He knows what he has to do to beat him. He has to finish him. Deep down, it’s what he wants, isn’t it? He wants him to put an end to it. He’s not going to do it. He’s not going to be the one that finishes it.

Triple H goes to leave.

Taker says he can put whatever spin he wants on it. But at the end of the day when he looks into a mirror, all he’s gonna see is a coward.

Triple H steps back in the ring looking aggravated.

He is sick to death of this coward thing. He wants coward?!

Triple H pauses and calms himself.

He sees what he’s trying to do. It’s not going to work. Sorry, but the answer’s no.

Triple H exits the ring and heads up the ramp.

Undertaker says he’s just figured it out.

Triple H pauses.

Taker says he knows that he can’t do what his buddy Shawn couldn’t do because he knows that Shawn was always better than him.

Triple H takes off his coat and tie. He unbuttons his shirt and heads back into the ring. He stares Taker down.

He thinks this has anything to do with Shawn and who’s better? It has nothing to do with it. Shawn couldn’t get the job done. He knows damn well that he can. He can do what Shawn couldn’t do. He can finish it. He knows it.

The fans chant “prove it”.

He thinks that suit and tie covers up layers of who he is? Well the layers are gone. He’s looking him in the eye, and he’s more certain than he’s ever been before. He wants this? He wants WrestleMania? He wants an end? He’s got it!

Triple H goes to leave, but comes back.

One more thing. If they do this, they go all the way. No return. No uncertainty. No excuses. The streak ends. The era ends! He gets his end. They do this, they go all the way. He will face Taker at WrestleMania under one condition: Hell in a Cell!

The two stare each other down. Taker pats Triple H on the shoulder and exits the ring. While on the ramp Taker pauses, looks back at Triple H, and smirks before leaving.

-Commercial Break-

We’re back, and we get a few pictures from the Smackdown Elimination Chamber match when Big Show broke into Daniel Bryan’s pod and tossed him through the glass.

Back at ringside, World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan comes out. He heads to the ring for his match.

Bryan grabs a microphone.

He says that based on his accomplishments, the people in Minneapolis, and people all over the world, consider him a role model. He defeated five men in the Elimination Chamber, and he is STILL the World Heavyweight Champion! YES! YES! YES!

Santino comes out. He heads down to the ring as his opponent.

Match #4

[Daniel Bryan vs. Santino Marella]
[Singles Match]

The bell sounds. Bryan goes for a clothesline, but Santino ducks it and lands a few punches to Bryan. Bryan fight back with a kick and a European uppercut. Bryan grabs Santino and tosses him into a turnbuckle. He whips him into the opposite turnbuckle, but Santino grabs the ropes and leaps behind Bryan. Daniel turns and goes for another clothesline, but Santino ducks into a split. On the way up he grab Bryan and hip tosses him to the mat. Santino then take out the cobra sock and applies it to his arm. Bryan attacks him from behind knocking him off his feet. Bryan grabs Santino from behind and goes for a back suplex, but Marella lands on his feet and rolls up Bryan from behind for a two count. Bryan grabs Santino’s arm and applies the Lebell Lock submission. Santino crawls over to his cobra sock, but can’t reach it and is forced to tap out.

[Winner via Submission: Daniel Bryan]

Still to come, the 10 man battle royal.

Later, John Cena will address the WWE Universe about his WrestleMania opponent, The Rock.

-Commercial Break-

Back from break, and we’re getting a Divas tag team match. Kelly Kelly and Aksana are already in the ring and they’re taking on the Bella Twins, also already in the ring.

Match #5

[Kelly Kelly & Aksana vs. Nicki & Brie Bella]
[Tag Team Match]

The bell sounds. Kelly and Nicki start things off. They tie up. Kelly manages to hit a bulldog. She tags in Aksana and the two work on Nicki in the corner with boots to her throat. Aksana goes to whip Nicki, but Nicki is quick to counter, grab Aksana’s hair and knock her down. Nicki snapmares Aksana and connects with a rolling neck snap. Nicki taunts Kelly, turns and gets swept up by Aksana. Aksana kicks at Nicki and then scoop slams her. She drops an elbow and covers for a two count. Nicki crawls over to the ropes. Aksana goes after her, but Nicki manages to side step and shove Aksana into the middle rope. Nicki exits the ring and Brie steps in while Kelly has the referee distracted for a bit of “Twin Magic”. Brie grabs Aksana and drops her with a facebuster for the three count.

[Winners via Pinfall: Nicki & Brie Bella]

We cut to Cena walking backstage. He’s heading to the ring for his public address.

-Commercial Break-

Back from break, and Cena is already in the ring with a microphone.

He says it’s cold outside, but it’s about to get hot in here. Before he was interrupted by the “Skankapotamus” earlier tonight, he was out here to talk about WrestleMania and The Rock, the guy who’s not here this week. But he’ll be here next week to address him. That’s gonna be a fun time. He used to love the Rocky chants. He used to love The Rock just like them. But then he decided to morph into Dwayne and become a disciple of team [film industry]. Dwayne is no longer the People’s Champion”, he’s a champion with people. He has an entourage of his little goons. He’s got Bryan, the guy who writes all of his jokes. He’s got Hyram, the guy that he’s gotta talk to talk to the other guy just to get close to Dwayne. Then he’s got a crackpot staff of rent-a-cops to make sure nobody messes up that million dollar smile.

This is the part where he’s supposed to say he looks forward to WrestleMania because he personally respects The Rock, but he doesn’t. He respects and congratulate Dwayne for what he’s done. Multiple global number one box office hits. He convinced the WWE Universe that he has a “mangina”. And he can make his boobs bounce. But through all that hilarious comedy shtick he’s got a legitimate beef with Dwayne Johnson, and it’s the same problem he’s had with him for seven years. Next week he should show up, raise an eyebrow, hold the millions in the palm of his hands, and then kick it back to Hollywood. He’s got news for them; that is exactly what’s gonna happen.

He wants Dwayne to listen. This is not a movie promotion for him. For those who saw The Reunion, there’s not going to be a Reunion 2. For those who paid to watch 12 Rounds, after halfway through they were like ‘man, probably should’ve gone three rounds tops’. But the thing he’s most proud off, the thing that make him sleep at night through all that bs, is that he always showed up and he never left. When it comes down to Dwayne, the first time he got a taste of the bright lights of Hollywood he was out of here faster than he could say “Rocky don’t go!” Then a year ago he came back. Finally the Rock has come home and he’s never leaving again. And then he left…again.

Vince is probably going to fine him for this one, but the only reason he came back in the first place was to promote Fast Five and launch his Twitter account. April 1st means everything to him. He’s not just fighting for him. He’s fighting for every person behind that curtain whose dream was to be in this dream. Whose dream was to be a WWE Superstar and STAY a WWE Superstar. He fights at WrestleMania for the very very small percentage of people that walk this planet and say they are proud to be (i’m sorry) a professional wrestler.

Do they know what the greatest thing about April 1st will be? April 9th. The Monday after when he’s on Raw and Dwayne’s on a movie set sipping a Mai Tai and laughing at his stunt double. This got real real quick. He wants them all to enjoy this. They’ve got 41 days until WrestleMania and it’s gonna be one hell of a ride. And Rock as entertaining as he’s going to try to be, as much as he tries to bring it, as many boots as he wants to put to as many asses, he don’t got the club in the bag. He’s here, he’s been here, and he’s always going to be here. He’ll have to kill him to beat him. The headline reads “John Cena Defeats Dwayne Johnson in the Biggest Match in History in His Home Town, Miami Florida, at WrestleMania 28!

John Cena: “I’ll see you next week, movie star!”

Cena exits the ring and heads to the back.

Up next, the 10 man #1 Contendership’s Battle Royal

-Commercial Break-

Back, and WWE Champion CM Punk comes out wearing a jacket. He’ll be doing commentary with Lawler and Cole. The participants of the battle royal come out one by one. The participants are: Big Show, Cody Rhodes, R-Truth, Dolph Ziggler, Wade Barrett, The Great Kahli, The Miz, Kofi Kingston, Santino Marella, and Chris Jericho.

Match #6

[10 Man Battle Royal]
[Number One Contendership Match]

The bell sounds. Everyone go at everyone else. Kahli tries to eliminate Big Show, but soon every teams up on Kahli and they toss him over the top making him the first to go.

[Great Kahli Has Been Eliminated]

-Commercial Break-

Back from our final commercial break of the show. Miz and Kofi fight on the apron. Kofi tries to toss Miz, but Miz punches him away and tosses him back in the ring. Truth goes after Miz, and now it’s a two on one. Meanwhile, Jericho is after Dolph while Show and Wade go at it. Cody and Santino are in a separate corner. Wade clips Show in the leg and he and Cody try to eliminate Big Show, but he fights them off. Jericho goes after him down, but a headbutt stops him. Kofi and Miz keep going at it. Kingston and Truth team on Miz. They get Miz on the apron, but Miz slides back in under them. He tries to clothesline them both, but the back drop him back on the apron. They then hit him with a double dropkick and Miz gets knocked off.

[The Miz Has Been Eliminated]

Show waits for Truth and Kingston to turn around and he hits them both with chokeslams. Jericho comes running by and hits Show with the Codebreaker. Ziggler grabs Jericho from behind and connects with the Zig Zag. Rhodes grabs Ziggler and hits him with CrossRhodes. Barrett grabs Rhodes and drops him with a spinning side slam. Santino tries to clothesline Wade, but Wade ducks and kicks Santino. He lifts Santino up for Waste Land, but Santino manages to grab onto the apron and Wade falls to the floor.

[Wade Barrett Has Been Eliminated]

R-Truth tries to clothesline Santino, but Marella ducks and Truth is sent out of the ring next.

[R-Truth Has Been Eliminated]

Ziggler runs towards Santino and knocks him down with a dropkick. Ziggler celebrates only for Show to lift him up and toss him out of the ring and onto Wade and Truth

[Dolph Ziggler Has Been Eliminated]

Jericho goes over to Show and dropkicks him in the head. Cody Rhodes joins in. We’re told that Wade has been seriously injured, most likely from when Dolph landed on his arm. It sounds like it’s a legitimate injury. Meanwhile, Show tosses everybody off of him, but they keep coming. Jericho and Kofi fight it out while Santino and Cody work on Show. Kofi jumps on the turnbuckle and Jericho shoves him off.

[Kofi Kingston Has Been Eliminated]

The final four are Santino, Cody, Jericho and Big Show. EMTs come down to help carry Wade out. Lawler says he has a broken arm. All Santino, Jericho, and Cody team up against Show, but Show fights them off. Cody with a disaster kick knocks Show down. Jericho with the lionsault to Show. Santino then hits the jumping headbutt to Show. Jericho grabs Santino and tosses him over, but Santino skins the cat and puts on his cobra sock. He strikes Jericho with the cobra, but then gets clotheslined over the top by Cody.

[Santino Marella Has Been Eliminated]

Jericho and Cody grab Show and go for a double suplex, but Show fights it and suplexes them both. Show grabs Cody by the throat and shoves him over the top.

[Cody Rhodes Has Been Eliminated]

It’s now down to Big Show and Jericho. Show chops Jericho in the chest knocking him down. Cody tries to grab Show to throw him out, but Show grabs Cody by the head and lifts him up on the apron. Jericho tries to attack him, but Show grabs him by the neck. He tosses Cody off the apron and signals for a chokeslam to Jericho. He lifts him up and Chris grabs Show by the head for a guillotine choke. Show holds Jericho out over the apron. Jericho hangs on and pulls Show over the top rope. Cody suddenly grabs Show’s arm and pulls him down causing him to be dropped to the floor.

[Big Show Has Been Eliminated]

The bell sounds, and Chris Jericho wins!

[Winner and Number One Contender: Chris Jericho]

Show gets up and goes after Cody. Jericho celebrates in the ring. Punk gets up from the commentary table, takes his belt, and heads into the ring. Jericho and Punk stare each other down. Punk smiles and offers a handshake. Jericho looks at the shake, smiles back, and steps away. He exits the ring leaving Punk in the ring. Punk climbs a turnbuckle and holds up the WWE Championship while Jericho watches from outside and the show comes to an end.

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