WWE Vintage Collection Report (01/18/12)

WWE Vintage Collection Report: January 18th 2012
By Shaun Reporter
Hosted by: Mean Gene Okerlund

More fresh starts of notable superstars this week, as we reach the mid-point of our “new beginnings” theme.

WCW Saturday Night: February 27th 1993
2 Cold Scorpio vs Shanghai Pierce w/Tax Slazenger
Scorpio is taking on one half of the future Godwinns tandem, referred to here as the “Texicans,” according to Jesse Ventura. Pierce is wearing an executioner style black mask. Scorpio dropkicks Pierce through the ropes, fakes a top rope dive, then leaps off the apron onto Pierce and Slazenger. Pierce uses his size advantage to ground Scorpio, while Slazenger chokes him out with his bullrope. Scorpio staggers Pierce with a superkick, then uses a spin kick to put him down. Scorpio lands a flying shoulder in the corner. Pierce swings wildly and accidentally takes out the referee. Scorpio thwarts a double team effort, jumping onto the bullrope to ricochet the Texicans into one another. Scorpio quickly hits a corkscrew legdrop for the 1-2-3. Winner: 2 COLD SCORPIO.

WWF Shotgun Saturday Night: October 11th 1997
Flash Funk vs Rockabilly w/Honky Tonk Man
In 1996, Scorpio swapped the bingo halls of ECW for a run in the WWF as Flash Funk, complete with dancing Funkettes. The gimmick can still be seen today. See Brodus Clay. Rockabilly reverses a wristlock into a samoan drop to take control. Funk escapes a chinlock and lands a spin kick. Rockabilly elevates Funk onto the apron. Funk misses a top rope cross body. Honky unwittingly swipes the leg of his own protégé after Funk reverses Rockabilly off the ropes. Rockabilly gets distracted enabling Funk to hook him in a fancy rollup for the 1-2-3. Winner: FLASH FUNK.

Straight after the bell, the newly christened Road Dog (formerly Double Jobber Jesse Jammes) comes out to recruit “Willy Will” and lay the verbal smackdown on Honky. Likening Honky to a rhinoceros and someone “so old that Elvis Presley stole his gimmick,” Dog says he and Billy have been “curtain jerkers since day one,” and is sick of being held back. Dog says he took “one loser to the Intercontinental Title,” (not mentioning Jeff Jarrett by name) then says together he “smells money.”

Honky calls the “Road hog” a loser, but knows him and Billy have been riding the roads together and talking. Honky dubs Billy championship material and offers to solve Billy’s problem, but Billy blasts Honky over the head with his own guitar.

In their first RAW bout together as a tandem on October 20th 1997, the New Age Outlaws get the better of the Headbangers after Billy smashes Thrasher over the head with his own boom box ghetto blaster.

WCW Superbrawl VI: February 11th 1996
TV Title: Johnny B. Badd w/Kimberly vs Diamond Dallas Page
Manager turned wrestler DDP had lost Kimberly in late 1995 and wanted her back. Winner of this gets the title, Kimberly and around $6million of her bingo winnings. DDP tries to say it with flowers, but Badd comes to the rescue and a brawl kicks us off. Badd connects with a slingshot legdrop, outwrestles Page and works over an arm. Page catches Badd with a stun gun across the top rope, then delivers a gutbuster.

Badd fights back with fists and a double sledge. Kimberly brings out the scorecards to stick it to Page. Badd gains nearfalls from a top rope sunset flip and sitout powerbomb. Page drops Badd across the ropes and goes to the eyes. A tilt-a-whirl slam gets Page a two count. Badd manages to reverse a sleeper, but Page backs him into the corner. Page goes for a flapjack, only for Badd to counter with a tombstone piledriver for the 1-2-3. Winner: JOHNNY B. BADD.

After objecting to the Kimberly angle, Badd joined the WWF, became the “Wildman” Marc Mero and rescued (off-screen wife) and valet Sable from the grasp of Hunter Hearst Helsmley.

WWF Monday Night Raw: April 15th 1996
“Wildman” Marc Mero w/Sable vs Leif Cassidy w/Marty Jannetty
Cassidy is a clean shaven Al Snow acting like a dork. Mero sends Cassidy upside down in the corner and onto the apron. Cassidy ducks a clothesline, sticks his tongue out and gets decked. Mero bangs some sense into the New Rockers’ heads. Cassidy suckers Mero in for a Jannetty clothesline on the floor, behind the referee’s back. Cassidy suplexes Mero back into the ring and works him over. Cassidy looks into the camera and states “I love being a Rocker.” Ok.

After a commercial break, Cassidy lands a somersault plancha on the floor and Jannetty gets in some more cheap shots. Cassidy delivers a baseball slide and applies a full nelson. Mero uses a sitout counter to catch Cassidy in a hurracanrana followed by his own somersault plancha over the ropes. Mero goes airborne once more, picking up the win following a top rope sunset flip. Winner: WILDMAN MARC MERO.

Time to check back in with DDP, debuting a motivational speaker gimmick in late 2001. Allow Page to tell a tale about his friend Tony.

“The other day his cat got run over by a car. But wait, that’s not a bad thing, that’s a good thing. You see, his wife was allergic to the cat and that cat’s death actually saved their marriage. When I explained the positive side of the situation, he immediately understood that that cat being dead was a good thing. So look at the positive side of every situation and you’ll see just like me that DDP, I like me, you like me and I’m going to help you like you.”

With art imitating life, the positive Page turned this gimmick from a bad thing, to a good thing!

WWF Smackdown! January 31st 2002
WWF European Title: Christian vs Diamond Dallas Page
Christian was a former follower of Page’s philosophy, but as soon as Page helped him out of his funk, Christian turned on him. Christian slaps Page. DDP gives chase, catching the champion in a tilt-a-whirl slam. Page ducks a clothesline, before dishing out a slap and discus clothesline. Christian hangs Page onto the ropes, tackles him into the guardrail, then sends him into the ringsteps. Inside, Page escapes a sleeper and gets a nearfall from a sitout powerbomb. Page ducks under a boot to crotch Christian in the ringpost. Christian counters two Diamond Cutter attempts, first by holding onto the top rope, then by hitting a reverse DDT. Unable to put DDP away, Christian pounds the mat in frustration. Christian sets up for the Unprettier, but the third time proves to be a charm as Page hits the Diamond Cutter. Bang! New European champion! Page goes to celebrate with the crowd while Christian has a second temper tantrum in the ring. Winner: DIAMOND DALLAS PAGE.

There’ll be more new beginnings next week.

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