Christian Talks About His Short Title Reign & Edge's Retirement

WWE star Christian was interviewed this week on by Brian Fritz of the Between The Ropes radio show. Here are some highlights of what Christian said about:

Edge’s Retirement: “I knew he was having a little bit of trouble before WrestleMania. I knew that his neck had been bothering him a little bit. Obviously, none of us knew the extent of it… He called me right after he got the news so I knew right away. Obviously, he was pretty shaken by it, taken by surprise, and things like that. We all were. One of the things we discussed is what an amazing career he’s had. You can compare it to some of the best that have ever lived.”

His Short Reign As World Heavyweight Champion: “Obviously it was overwhelming, surprising, and flattering to an extent. It’s the age that we live in now with the internet and with spoilers and people like that, the show hasn’t even aired yet and people are giving opinions and these other sort of things. You have to take it with a grain of salt. The most important thing is that Randy (Orton) and I put on an amazing match for the fans.”

Whether He Thought He’d Ever Be Champion: “I did I always believed in my talent. I think it shows every time I step through the ropes. It was always my goal and I was never going to give on it. I always believed it would happen … Obviously, I wanted to hold it longer than five days, but that’s what happens. I look forward to become a two-time World champion.”

You can listen to the full show here:

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