Linda McMahon Tightens The Gap Before Tuesday’s Election Day

According to the Wall Street Journal, the final Quinnipiac University poll prior to Tuesday’s Election Day shows signs of momentum for Republican Senate candidate Linda McMahon.

Linda McMahon trails Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal has narrowed the gap from last week and is now down just nine percentage points in the race for Connecticut’s open Senate seat. Last week a Quinnipiac found a 12-point lead for Blumenthal.

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Douglas Schwartz, Quinnipiac’s poll director, said McMahon’s surge “may be too little, too late.” McMahon has spent more than $40 million of her personal fortune during the campaign flooded the airwaves with television ads attacking Blumenthal.

Despite the 9-point gap, Schwartz stresses that it’s still too close to count McMahon out. Independent voters have been unpredictable this election season and could swing the race either way.

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