Update On Suicide Character, Knockouts In Action (Video), Referee Makes History


— As seen this past Thursday night on iMPACT!, Frankie Kazarian appeared as himself rather than the Suicide character, which seemed to indicate that the gimmick is through. It should be noted that he is still playing the masked character at house shows, but will be appearing as himself on television from this point forward. Though he will no longer play the character on television, TNA plans on continuing the gimmick as they are considering other wrestlers for the role.

Also note, TNA has added Kaz to its roster page, with Suicide retained.

— TNA referee Mike Posey defeated Alabama Junior Heavyweight Champion Mike Jackson this past Friday night in Graysville, Alabama to end his 45-year reign as champion.

— In TNA’s latest webmatch, Hamada squares off against the infrequently seen Traci Brooks. You can view the bout at the following link.

See Traci & Kaz wedding photos here ->

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