Will Bret Appear On Raw Tomorrow?, Jericho & Helms Poke Fun At Their Arrests

— To put any doubt to rest, Bret Hart will indeed be appearing on Raw tomorrow night after being “invited” back by Vince McMahon. The WWE Hall of Famer wrote the following note on his Facebook account this past Friday: “20,000 fans in a couple weeks! Thank you fans! Watch me on WWE RAW this coming monday.”

— Chris Jericho and Gregory Helms have been poking fun at their recent arrests on Twitter.

Jericho wrote: “At a live band heavy metal karaoke bar. Just rocked Creeping Death… Where’s TMZ when u need em? Some drunk just did the worst version of Fire Woman ever. He should be arrested for Alcohol Intoxication… At a rock n roll church with The Duke and Big John. It’s been a crazy week and I needed some fellowship and some humbling. Feels good.”

Helms added: “Been off the grid for a few days, what I miss?”

— The winner of the Women’s Championship Match between Michelle McCool and Mickie James, as well as WWE Champion Sheamus, will be taking part in tonight’s Royal Rumble Live Chat. Click here for more info.

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