ECW On Sci-Fi Results (05/19) *Spoilers*

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ECW On Sci-Fi (Airing Tonight)
* Josh Mathews & Matt Striker come out to ringside.

* Jack Swagger opens ECW in the ring with a chair and a microphone. He says he’s not leaving until Tiffany comes out and gives him his title back. He says she’s only temporary and he’ll be around a lot longer than she will be. Tiffany tells him to get out of the ring and meet her in her office. She apologizes and introduces Christian for the first match. Swagger pushes him off the ramp on his way to the ring.

* Christian b. Paul Burchill w/Katie Lea
– Burchill starts the match working on Christian’s leg. Christian kicks him off the top rope and throws him into the stairs. Single leg Boston Crab. The crowd is behind Christian. Christian gets the win via pinfall after connecting with the Unprettier. After the match Josh Mathews interviews Christian who challenges Tommy Dreamer to a title match at Extreme Rules.

* Tiffany & Jack Swagger are shown backstage. Tiffany tells Swagger he can have the night off.

* Zack Ryder b. Local OVW Jobber Adam Green in a squash match.

* A video from last week is shown where DH Smith, Tyson Kidd, & Natalya attack Finlay. After the video they cut a promo. Smith says he’s better than Bulldog ever was.

* Vladimir Kozlov cuts his normal promo at the top of the ramp following a video clip of last week’s squash in WWE rewind.

* Gregory Helms announces that Christian will take on Tommy Dreamer on this week’s WWE Superstars.

* DH Smith w/Tyson Kidd, & Natalya b. Finlay
– DH Smith comes out to the ring first with a new version of the old Hart Foundation music. Finlay comes out next. The match starts off slow. Lots of submission holds. Smith hits Finlay with Natalya’s shoe and follows with a back drop while Kidd distracts the referee. He gets the win via pinfall. This ends this week’s ECW.

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