Danny Inferno Captures ISPW World Heavyweight Title In Retirement Match


Danny Inferno captured the ISPW World Heavyweight Championship in his retirement match at ISPW’s Highway Robbery event this past Saturday night at the ISPW Arena in Freehold, NJ in a Triple Threat Match against Josh Daniels and Judas Young. Inferno, a sixteen year veteran who was previously under a WWE developmental contract, stated prior to the match that this would be his last match regardless of the outcome. Inferno pinned ISPW Champion Josh Daniels to capture the title. Seconds after the bell rang, Inferno broke down crying. ISPW owner Tommy Fierro entered the ring and announced that his friendship with Inferno was more important then the wrestling business and wanted him to retire the ISPW World Heavyweight Champion.

Fierro then invited Inferno’s entire family into the ring, who traveled over 300 miles to witness his final match live. With Nickelback’s “If Today Was Your Last Day” blasting through out the ISPW Arena, Inferno embraced each family member while he got a standing ovation for the audience. It was without question the most special moment in the history of ISPW. Little did Inferno know, this was only the beginning of his special moment. The entire locker room cleared out and one by one the ISPW Superstars said their good byes to Inferno.

Once the ring emptied of all of the ISPW Superstars, Inferno was left standing alone and waved good bye to his peers. When Inferno turned around, he was standing face to face with Judas Young, who was watching the entire farewell from outside the ring. These two have been hated rivals for over a year now. After a few minutes of Young expressing his feelings to Inferno, the two embraced to the delight of the audience. ISPW owner Tommy Fierro raised both of their arms in the air to end ISPW’s Highway Robbery event.

Ever since ISPW: The Return show on April 4th, the ISPW title has been the center of controversy. First Josh Daniels steals the title in a match he wasn’t even involved in and now Inferno wins the title in his last match ever. Fierro said that ISPW will start over fresh on July 11th when they return to the ISPW Arena (3-2 Count Athletic Training Facility) in Freehold, NJ. He went on to sign a huge match for this event to crown a new ISPW World Heavyweight Champion. The match will be called Summer Rumble, consisting of twenty superstars battling for the opportunity to become the new face of ISPW and be crowned ISPW World Heavyweight Champion.

The rules for ISPW’s Summer Rumble will be the same as WWE’s Royal Rumble. Two men will start out the match and every two minutes a new ISPW Superstar will enter the ring. A wrestler is eliminated once they are thrown over the top rope to the floor. The last man standing in the center of the ring will be crowned the new ISPW World Heavyweight Champion. Already signed to be a part of this huge match include Nunzio, Judas Young, Crowbar, Rick Fuller, Julio Dinero, Chase Del Monte, H.C. Loc, Rob Eckos, The Logan Brothers, Flash, Saint Stronko, and Mauritzio Bokara.

ISPW General Manger Nicholas Nice has announced that he will randomly pick the first two participants in the match next Wednesday, June 10th at 12 noon EST. Nice says he will have a special stipulation for the first two participants as well. With Nice’s recent track record in ISPW, one has to think that he has something up his sleeve. Nice is currently on a rampage trying to run Nunzio out of ISPW. One has to wonder if Nice will “randomly” select Nunzio as entrant number one. I guess we will find out next Wednesday.

When Nice was asked for comments regarding whether or not he will try and screw Nunzio by picking him as the first entrant in the match, he said “Are you kidding me? Although I’m not a fan of Nunzio’s, in no way shape or form would I ever do something like that. Every ISPW Superstar’s name will be tossed into a bingo cage and I will randomly select two pieces of paper out of it. If Nunzio’s name is picked, so be it. But come on, what are the chances of that happening? I wouldn’t rig the Summer Rumble, I’m a nice guy.”

ISPW produced yet another surprise for the audience this past Saturday night. “Dangerous” Danny Davis was set to be in the corner of Josh Daniels for the main event and for whatever reason, Daniels said Davis was unable to attend. He said he had someone to take his place though and brought out the original Diva of the WWE, Sunny! This marks the second show in a row that there has been a surprise for the ISPW fans, as Manu made an unannounced appearance at the ISPW: The Return show back in April. Will there be any surprises at ISPW’s Summer Rumble on July 11th? Anything is possible in ISPW!

Judas Young feels as though he was once again robbed of the opportunity of becoming ISPW World Heavyweight Champion this past Saturday night. When reached for comments regarding the ISPW title situation, he said “I have put my heart and soul into this company and the ISPW World Heavyweight Championship means everything to me. Josh stole the title from me the first show and now Inferno retires with the title this past show. When does Judas Young get his chance to finally shine cuz? I’ll tell you when, July 11th at Summer Rumble. Come hell or high water, I will be the last man standing in the ring at the end of the night and finally be crowned the ISPW World Heavyweight Champion. Then everyone in the locker room, everyone sitting in the crowd, and everyone watching on DVD will know that Punks Not Dead!”

The show opened with the “Late Night with Nicky Benz” talk show with special guest ISPW General Manager Nicholas Nice. Nice addressed how Nunzio disrespected him at the last show and he was going to give him one last chance to transform into the character that he wants him to be. Nice was holding a bag with the outfit inside of it. He then said how he was searching for new talent in the ISPW and how he can make anyone a star. He said he could even pick someone out of the audience and make them a star. Benz went around and interviewed people at ringside for the potential position. Benz then got to twenty-one year old Hugh Smith, who was sitting in the crowd. Smith got into the ring and reminded Nice who he was. At ISPW: The Return, Smith went into Nice’s office and asked him for the opportunity to wrestle for the ISPW. Smith has been training the last few years and working various independent shows in the area. Smith said he grew up a fan of ISPW, noting that he went to all the ISPW shows ten years ago at the Wildwood Convention Center. Nice blew him off though and kicked him out of his office, ordering him to go to the box office and purchase a ticket.

Smith did just that this past Saturday night and was lucky enough for Benz to pick him out of the audience. Nice continued to lash into him and then suddenly looked at his bag and then back at Smith. He told Smith if he wanted a chance to wrestle for ISPW all he would have to do is go backstage and put on the outfit that was in the bag. Smith opened the bag and looked inside and wasn’t happy.

Crowbar once again flipped out this past Saturday night in his match against Rick Fuller. At the end of the match, Crowbar snapped and went under the ring and came back up with a crowbar and attacked Fuller with it, getting himself disqualified. Following the match, Crowbar went on another tirade talking about how “He” was going to be mad and how maybe “He” was right. This is the second show in a row that Crowbar keeps referring to this mysterious character. Who is Crowbar talking about? Whomever it is, it seems as though “He” is beginning to brainwash Crowbar into someone that he’s not. Crowbar then tossed himself into the guardrails. Something is seriously wrong with Crowbar that he’s not letting anyone else in on.

Crowbar, frustrated that he’s yet to defeat the massive Fuller, has challenged him to yet another match on July 11th. This will not be any regular match though. Crowbar will battle Rick Fuller in an I Quit Match! Will “He” be able to stay out of Crowbar’s head long enough for him to focus on this big match? Will we finally find out who “He” is? Maybe we will find out on July 11th in Freehold, NJ at the ISPW Arena.

Julio Dinero defeated Rob Eckos this past Saturday night after Dinero forced his valet Miss Michelle to hold his feet on the ropes while he pinned him. Dinero was screaming at Michelle during the entire match for looking at Eckos, even though she wasn’t. This situation is quickly turning into something very ugly. Dinero seems obsessed with Michelle, to the point where he’s ordering her every move.

Following Dinero’s match, he was screaming at Michelle while the two were headed back to the locker room when Flash’s music hit for the next match. Flash came out and the two had heated words, as Flash walked in on Dinero yelling at Michelle backstage at the last show. Dinero warned Flash to stay out of his business. Flash and Michelle have been close friends for years now and he doesn’t appreciate how Dinero has been treating her. Furthermore, Flash is frustrated that Michelle continues to allow him to treat her this way.

Flash was up next againt the debuting Hugh Smith, who was yanked out to the ring by the ear by ISPW General Manager Nicholas Nice. Hugh was dressed up as a baby, complete with a diaper. Nice told ISPW ring announcer, Ean Levy, his name and he was introduced as “Baby Hughie!” This backfired big time in Nice’s face, as the crowd was totally into Baby Hughie and kept chanting his name during the course of the entire match. At the finish of the match, Flash went to the top rope to hit his leg drop when Julio Dinero ran out and pushed Flash off the ropes. Neither the referee or Baby Hughie saw this take place and Hughie rolled Flash up in a small package for the pin. Hughie wins! Hughie wins! Hughie wins!

Following the match, Hughie went into Nice’s office and asked him if he wanted his outfit back. Nice flipped out and began going bezerk. While this was going on, ring announcer, Ean Levy, walked into the office and told Nice he has been working for the company for the last ten years and was wondering if he could have a raise. Nice reached into his pocket like he was going to give him something extra and then slapped the taste out of Levy’s mouth. He then kicked them both out of his office.

In other action packed matches from this past Saturday’s Highway Robbery event, Christian York defeated Danny Doring, Hardcore Holly defeated Nunzio after outside interference by Nicholas Nice, and Chase Del Monte defeated Erik Andretti.

ISPW returns on Saturday night, July 11th at the ISPW Arena, 3-2 Count Athletic Training Facility, located at 323A Fairfield Road in Freehold, NJ with an 8 PM start with the following line-up: Summer Rumble to crown a new ISPW World Heavyweight Champion, Crowbar vs. Rick Fuller in an I Quit Match, former TNA Knockout Roxxi vs. Brooke Carter in a special Divas match, Julio Dinero vs. Rob Eckos in a return match with Flash as the special guest referee, Chase Del Monte vs. H.C. Loc, and The Logan Brothers vs. Saint Stronko & Mauritzio Bokara. Tickets are available now by calling (732) 409-1132. Credit Card orders are available.

ISPW: The Return from April 4th is now available on DVD for $19.99. Witness ISPW’s first event in 8 years with Judas Young vs. Danny Inferno in a Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match for the ISPW World Heavyweight Championship, Manu vs. Josh Daniels, The Logan Brothers vs. Danny Doring & Christian York, Crowbar vs. Rick Fuller, Bonecrusher Sampson vs. Julio Dinero (with Miss Michelle), “Dangerous” Danny Davis vs. Flash, and Nunzio vs. H.C. Loc. Plus see tons of backstage interviews, Ace Darling being the first person inducted into the ISPW Hall of Fame, and bonus footage of Judas Young and Danny Inferno’s personal appearance at the Freehold Racetrack. The DVD is hosted by Frankie Morales, the Voice of ISPW. For ordering information, please contact ISPW at:

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