WWE Switches Pay-Per-Views, "12 Rounds" Not Being Screened For Critics, Punk

— According to the upcoming pay-per-view schedule on, the Great American Bash will be taking place on June 28 in Sacramento with Night of Champions taking place on July 26 in Philadelphia.

12 Rounds, which is set to open tomorrow in theaters, is apparently not being screened for movie critics. Unlike the three other movies opening tomorrow — Everlasting Moments, The Haunting in Connecticut and Monsters vs. Aliens — there are absolutely no movie reviews online regarding 12 Rounds. This isn’t the first time WWE has done this as they would not allow See No Evil, The Marine and The Condemned to be screened for critics.

— In an interview with the Chicago-Sun Times, CM Punk is asked about the possibility of starring in a movie like John Cena.

“Not any time soon, probably,” Punk said. “I don’t think I’m a Hollywood property. If it’s offered, I won’t shoot it down. I’ll consider it, but it’s not something I’m actively pursuing. I’m a wrestling guy.”

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