RAW Report 2/2/09 St. Louis, MO

RAW this week starts with music and pyro.

Lilian announces Shane-O-Mac who comes out dancing this week. He daces around the ring. Video of last week when Steph and Orton got into in the ring over Vince. The locker room cleared. Orton screamed at Steph to fire him as he wanted to take apart the company and stop WM. Shane then came out, took off his jacket and attacked Orton. He missed a lot of shots and looked rough (but still my favorite overall segment from last week). In the ring Shane said when RAW went off the air he was approached by Orton’s legal team and was shocked at what they said. Nothing about legal action, but that Orton wanted to face Shane at No Way Out. Shane accepted and it’s a No Holds Barred Match. Shane says he wants some payback for what he did to Vince and then try to put and injunction against WM. Shane said he will put his body on the line to make sure Orton will not be able to compete at WM. Orton’s music and he comes out to the stage. He starts to talk then revels in the heat. He says Shane seems sure of himself. After what he pulled off he should be. He wonders if Shane wonders how he did it? How did he beat up the three top superstars in the business? He didn’t. The second Orton saw Shane coming down he made a decision. He told Ted and Cody… “RKO” chants. He told them not to fight back. He tells Shane to watch the footage, the proof is there. They scuffled around and held him, but didn’t fight back, neither did Orton. Orton saw the whole locker room and knew they’d be itching to impress Shane and Steph. Orton didn’t want it to go on to become 20 on 3. But now he has the match and there’s no consequences. Shane should call the hospital and line up the bed next to Vince’s as after NWO, he’ll have company. Orton starts to walk down the ramp, gets about half way and stops only to turn and walk back up. He puts the mic down and turns to Shane. “You suck” chants. Shane removes his jacket. Orton slowly walks further down to the ring, but stops outside. Shane is ready. Orton grabs the second rope and puts his knee up, but then backs off. Cody and Ted suddenly through the crowd and Orton starts to rush in but Shane had a kendo stick under the top edge of the apron and he grabbed it. Shane swung and hit Cody in the gut and Ted across the back a couple times, but they quickly fled and backed up the ramp slowly together. Shane called for them to return but was left swinging his stick in the ring.

– Commercial

CM Punk and Mickie James come out to the ring. Mickie is bouncing in blue and purple. Regal and Layla come out to face them. Layla is in black and gold with a pissy look on her face.

Regal and Punk lock up. Side headlock on Punk. Punk pushes out and Regal hits a shoulder block. Back kick to Regal’s face and Regal kicks out. Layla slowly gets in, but Regal suddenly bounces up and rushes Punk to slam him from the ring. The distraction gave Layla the upper hand on Mickie. They both hit a clothesline together and landed hard. Layla tagged out and they both rush in to fight. Punches and kicks from Punk. A knee to Regal’s face dropped him. Regal rolled from the ring and hid behind Layla. Mickie came off the apron to take her down. Regal swept one of Punk’s feet from under him on the apron landing Punk on his back outside. In the ring a knee to Punk’s temple and Regal got the three.

– Winner: Regal & Layla

Video of high points of the match.

WM promo video. Much of it was about WM2. Piper and Mr. T had a Boxing Match. King Kong Bundy versus Hogan in a Cage Catch.

– Commercial

Cody and Ted come out, both holding the spots which they were stick by Shane. Video of the trap they set for Shane go awry. Cryme Tyme comes out to face them.

Ted starts working on JTG who quickly takes Ted down. JTG face planted Ted to the mat from standing in the corner. JTG pins for two. Ted reverses control and tags in Cody. Cody takes JTG down and works him over with punches. Chinlock on JTG. JTG manages to punch out but then they knock heads and are both down. Both manage to tag out. Shad works over Ted with punches and the a huge back body drop to Ted. An elbow drop to Ted for two when Cody breaks it up. Cody tags in and they double team Shad. They will not back off when the ref tells them and he finally calls for the bell.

– Winners: Cryme Tyme

Ted and Cody continue to cork over Shad and double team slam him face first to the mat. No idea where JTG was through it all. JTG is there now checking on Shad with the refs who have joined the ring.

Video about Rourke and what’s been said between him and Jericho. They even both ended up on Larry King. Rourke admits he put his foot in his mouth and wouldn’t wrestle Jericho.

Jericho out back heading for the ring to talk about Rourke.

– Commercial

Orton explaining something off mic but on camera out back to Cody and Ted.

Jericho in the ring. He says he does respect Rourke in the movie and his graceful backtracking out of a match at WM. But he has a problem with the movie and the things it portrays. It shows people like Piper, Snuka and the person the movie (according to Jericho) was based on – Flair. Flair just can’t leave after a great career. He can’t bow out and is selling his face to anyone who will give him a paycheck. Flair is tarnishing his legacy for just one more chance. He has a sickness and is not alone. They need to be put in their place and begs WWE to revoke their status as Hall Of Famers. Cena, from the Tron, says enough. He says if not for those guys Jericho wouldn’t be in the ring. Every week Jericho goes ot the ring with his big words and point to prove. He needs to shut up! He says they need to leave the past, but Jericho can’t give up talking about it himself. They need to leave the business, but Jericho’s been fired twice and he’s still here. Every word pisses of Cena. Steph made him get on his knees and apologize to his fans. So in their match Cena will shut him up the only way he knows how – knock his teeth down his throat. Cena walks off screen and Jericho looks pissed.

Out back Kofi and Rey are heading for the ring.

– Commercial

Slam Of The Week – video of Kofi somehow beating Kane last week to get into the Elimination Chamber Match at NWO.

Rey comes out in blue and silver. Kofi comes out to join him. Kane comes out to face him. Knox comes out to tag with Kane!

Kane back Kofi into a corner and kicks the heck out of him. Huge dropkick knocks Kane from the ring.

– Commercial

Kane telegraphs and gets kicked for it. Shoulder thought the ropes to Kane’s gut then he flew over the top, but nothing to Kane. Kofi takes Kane down and tags in Rey. Drop toe hold into 619 position. Kane rolls form the ring and eats a seated senton from Rey. Back in the ring a huge upper cut to Rey and tags out. Rey sends Knox to eat a turn buckle. Knox gets Rey up but Kofi gets a blind tag and a shoulder to Knox’s gut to gets Rey free and drop Knox. Kane interfered from outside and distracted Kofi. Knox hit a big boot and Kofi somehow kicked out. Kane tags in and side slams Kofi. Kofi gets whipped hand and lands on the mat. Knox tags in and drops a knee on Kofi. Huge “Kofi” chants. Flapjack to Kofi. Kane tags in. Enziguri to Kane. Cheap shot to Rey from Kane – big boot. Kofi can’t tag out, but Knox tags in and drops knee to Kofi’s head. Kofi gets whipped but gets a foot up and hits a flying cross body – both are down. Kofi slowly crawled to his corner. Rey gets there but Kane pulls Kofi away. Kane gets Kofi on his shoulder, but Kofi fights off and is able to tag out. Rey takes out Knox and reverses a side slam to slam Kane down. Rey gets two but Knox kicks Rey in the head. Kofi flies over the top but Knox gets his knee in the way. Hurricanrana into 619 spot, but Knox gets in the way. Kane catches a flying Rey and slams him down for three.

– Winners: Kane & Knox

It looked as though Knox might hug Kane in the ring, but didn’t. Video of high points in the match. Rey is on the mat, Kofi on the floor – both lolling in pain after the music stopped.

Out back Steph and Shane are walking along. Steph is talking about Shane’s match. Suddenly Orton, Cody and Ted attack. Steph is slammed into a wall and Shane is decimated. Security is taken out. Orton looks about to punt Shane, but then he sees Steph on her knees. He’s running for her, leg poised and suddenly Shane dives in the way and takes the kick to his ribs. Finally Legacy is backed off and Steph goes into freak out mode.

– Commercial

Video of what just happened to Shane and Steph while King and Cole talk through it. Then Orton, again, looked totally shocked. King and Cole then talk about how Orton knows he did wrong.

King and Cole go through the matches slated for No Way Out.

WM promo video. This one about WM10. Brett and Owen fought each other. HBK in a Ladder Match against Razor Ramon.

– Commercial

Candice Michelle comes out in a red and black coat with red and gold pants with matching tiny top. Beth comes out in her black and silver jumpsuit with Santino and Rosa in tow. Video of Rosa attacking Melina last week to give Beth the win.

Side headlock takeover to Candy. Beth slams Candy back to the mat but then Beth eats the bottom turn buckle. Back slam to Candy after using the ropes as a sling shot. Beth covers for one. Candy over Beth’s shoulder in a hold but Candy won’t give up. Candy manages to roll Beth up for two. Chops to Beth and then Candy uses Beth’s hair to slam her back. A back kick then a clothesline to Beth for two. Candy is slammed into a corner. Double chicken wing and then face first into the mat for Candy. Beth covers for three.

– Winner: Beth

In the ring Rosa tosses Candy from the ring by her hair.

Out back Jericho is getting ready for his match with Cena.

Cole and King say the Flair will be on RAW naxt week after what Jericho said about him earlier.

– Commercial

JBL’s music and out comes his limo. He comes out for giving his ‘employee performance appraisal’ on HBK. Video of HBK and JBL arguing last week in HBK’s match with Cena and it lost HBK the match. JBL in the ring he says it’s something management does to assess the value of employees and he’s going to assess HBK. HBK comes stomping out in jeans and a long sleeved T-shirt, no cowboy hat. “HBK” chants. JBL says a couple months he offered to bail HBK out from years of bad investments and generosity. JBL says he fulfilled his end of the proposal. HBK agrees. JBL says he knows he has. That’s the difference between great business men and amateurs. He had one reason only, for JBL to go to WM25 as WHC. Now JBL asks, did HBK fulfill his end. HBK says JBL hired him so JBL could go to WM as WHC. HBK says he’s done things he’d naver have done before. He laid down for JBL, he superkicked Cena and JBL cost HBK the match last week. The blame doesn’t rest on HBK, it rests on JBL. JBL says the answer was no. HBK failed. JBL says he put up with more from HBK than anyone and has it in his mind to release HBK from his contract. JBL asks if that’s what HBK wants. HBK says he wants to kick JBL’s teeth down his throat. JBL says it shows what a failure HBK is. If he does it he’ll be fired and lose everything. He does it and causes his family to suffer. HBK asks what JBL wants from him. JBL has a proposal. JBL versus HBK at NWO – winner takes all. HBK is free but gets paid for the year. HBK loses and JBL owns him. He owns the names and HBK works for him forever. JBL wants to make a movie about HBK with HBK starring in it, he will. If he wants to open a restaurant with HBK dancing in a monkey suit, he will. JBL will forever own the name and be able to make money off it. Now is HBK’s chance to get out. Roll the dice and it’s all or nothing. Will he win or work for JBL for the rest of his life. Is it worth it? HBK accepts. JBL wants to be clear, no matter what happens he still works for JBL. HBK puts his hands on him and it’s over. He can’t put his hands on JBL or it’s all over. JBL pushes and pushes and jabs HBK. He says HBK should have just got fired and then bitch slaps him. HBK looks about to cry as he’s backed into a corner before leaving the ring to huge heat.

– Commercial

Video of the attack on Shane and Steph.

Steph walks up to Kane. She asks if he called. He says, “He’ll be here.” She tells Kane he’ll be in the Elimination Chamber. Next week Orton will face off with Taker!

Jericho comes out to the ring. Cena comes stomping out to face him.

Cena immediately attacks Jericho upon entering the ring. Cena has Jericho backed into a corner but Jericho with a cheap shot gains the upper hand. Jericho removes Cena’s shirt for him but Cena bounces Jericho’s face off a corner. Bulldog to Jericho. “Cena” chants. Back drop to Jericho. Jericho has a band-aid on his left shoulder blade. Jericho from the ring, Cena follows but is double kicked over the announce table when sitting on the apron.

– Commercial

Headlock on Cena. Cena powers out and stands up with Jericho up in the FU position, but he countered and covered for two. Slingshot dropkick sends Cena from the apron. Jericho just watches as the ref counts. Cena back in at nine. Jericho stomps Cena and stands on his head – using the ropes. Jericho bitch slaps Cena as he’s down on his knees. Cena manages to drop Jericho and both are down, but Jericho then gets the pin for two. Punches to Cena in a corner. Jericho talks to Cena nastily in a corner, then whips Cena. Cena moves and Jericho gets a ring post to the shoulder. Back slam to Jericho as Cena’s back in it. Jericho up before Cena can hit the five knuckle shuffle and pins Cena for two. Punches to Jericho who comes back with an upper but for two. Slam to Jericho and then the five knuckle shuffle. Jericho up for the FU, but Jericho flips out somehow. Jericho into a corner but gets a foot up. Jericho up again for the FU, but reversal and Jericho tries to lock on the walls. Jericho locks on the walls. Cena rolls through and locks on the STF. Jericho quickly taps out.

– Winner: Cena

Cena celebrates in the ring.

King and Cole say it’s confirmed that Flair will be there next week for deal with Jericho. Taker will be there to face Orton.

Biggest pop
Cryme Tyme

Biggest heat