TNA Star Taken To "Wrestler Court" For Airplane Incident


TNA star Sheik Abdul Bashir wound up in “wrestler court” after playing a rib on Kip James during a recent flight. Bashir told a flight attendant to announce over the loud speaker that James was celebrating his 65th birthday, which did not go over as well as Bashir hoped. The elders of TNA’s roster felt Bashir has not been around long enough to get away with a prank like that against a veteran.

Team 3D’s Brother Ray served as the judge, B.G. James represented Kip, Brother Devon represented Bashir and Simon Diamond served as the bailiff. Bashir was found guilty and order to supply the locker room beer and booze, which he did on Tuesday night.

Wrestler court has been taken serious in the past but this was more of a laid back mock trial. One wrestler said, “It was a very good move for morale, which hasn’t been the best lately.”

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