RAW Report 9/22/08 Cincinnati, Ohio

This is the 800th RAW! This week’s show starts with the World Heavyweight Championship hanging over the ring.
Y2J’s music hits and he comes out in a suit and tie with that smirk on his face. There’s a ladder set up in the ring below the belt. Y2J climbs the ladder and straddles the top with a mic in hand. Huge heat from the fans. “You suck” chants. “HBK” chants. He soaks up their reaction before speaking. He says to leave it to HBK to change history. In HBK’s want to disfigure Y2J, HBK convinced Adamle to set up a Ladder Title Match for NM. HBK then said he revolutionized the Ladder Match. The mindless sheep that the fans are, we all believed what HBK said. News flash, just because HBK says something, doesn’t mean it’s true. When Y2J says something it is real as he’s and honest and good man who always tells the truth. He’s won three high profile Ladder Matches, more than HBK has been in. And the last thing we’ll see at NM is this – Y2J reaches up and takes down the belt. He says he will still be champion. HBK wants to disfigure him? He already did it when he whipped Y2J with his leather belt, but he still walked out champion. He’s too good and better than HBK. HBK has trapped himself in a corner. In his over-hyper legacy it’s given Y2J a weapon, the final nail in…
Orton comes out to the ring very slowly. Y2J climbs down from the ladder and waits for him. They glare at each other in the ring. Y2J says he knew it was only a matter of time before he came down to talk to the champion.
Orton says if it wasn’t for Orton kicking Punk in the skull, Y2J wouldn’t be champion. It doesn’t matter who wins at NM as the winner will be running on borrowed time.
Y2J says Orton talks big, he’s a Dreamer with a big mouth. What’s to stop Y2J from punching him in the mouth right now? When he gave HBK’s wife a fat lip it was an accident but with Orton it will be on purpose.
Orton says Y2J won’t do anything to him. He spoke to Adamle earlier and told Adamle the truth – he’s a 3rd generation star and the future of this company. Orton can’t hit anybody, but no one can hit him either or be suspended immediately. When you’re the most valuable commodity on RAW, you get what you want.
Y2J says the title is a valuable commodity and he’s on a level of his own and what he wants now is to get away from Orton.
Orton tells Y2J to walk away but Orton will be champion again and long after Y2J’s days are done. He tells Y2J to take his ladder with him. Orton takes down the ladder and tosses it from the ring. He flexes his arm after doing it.
Punk then comes out and down to the ring. They get nose to nose pushing each other’s heads. Punk looks about to lose it, about to punch Orton. He has his right hand balled. Orton slowly backs up and Punk bitch slaps Orton twice. Orton ends up sitting in a corner.
Adamle rushes out screaming at Punk to stop. He says Punk just defied him and he can’t let it go. As a result of his action he’s suspended immediately.
Shane-O-Mac’s music and he comes dancing out! Adamle shakes his hand and gives his mic over. He asks Punk to step back. He knows Adamle is doing a lot of on-the-job training. What Punk just did is a receipt. Normally he’d respect what Adamle did, but not tonight. He’s officially overruling Punk’s suspension!
Orton says Shane can’t make the rules up as he goes along.
Shane says he can! He says Orton is 3rd generation and he expects more from Orton. He needs to respect Shane’s position. Adamle’s edict starts now. Shane asks Orton to leave the ring. He then says Punk’s adrenaline is pumping, so they’ll start the show tonight against Cody Rhodes. He says he can see it coming out of Adamle’s brain, the main event will be Y2J and JBL against Batista and HBK. Shane dances around Adamle before they leave they leave the ring together.

– Commercial

Punk is still in the ring, ready to fight. Cody comes out to face him.
They lock up to “CM Punk” chants. Cody ducks a Punk roundhouse kick that was just to back Cody up. Punk backs Cody into a corner. The ref breaks them up. Side headlock on Punk. Rights to Punk. Punk comes back with a huge right that drops Cody on his bum. Punk kicks’ Cody in the gut, but then gets sent over the top. Cody follows Punk outside and bounces his head off the apron. Punk goes back in the ring. Cody climbs and hits a cross body for two. Punk fights back with punches. A kick to Cody’s chest while he kneels. Cody tries to bounce Punk’s face off the corner, but Punk stops it and bounces Cody’s face off the corner. A kick to Cody’s back. Cody reverse a whip then stomps Punk. Cody covers for two. Cody bounces Punk’s face off a corner. Punk gets Cody up for the GTS but Cody wiggles out and leaves the ring.

– Commercial

Cody has an ankle lock on Punk. Cody then wrenches Punk’s leg around one of his with an extra emphasis on his ankle. Punk reverses the ankle lock onto Cody! Cody gets to the ropes and free. Reverse forearm to Cody’s head. A kick to Cody’s gut and then an enziguri on Cody. Punk manages to hit the GTS for three.

– Winner: Punk

Ted and Manu rush in and start beating down Punk. Kofi runs down for the rescue and they clean house of heels.

– Commercial

Cincinnati Bengals in the front row. Cole and King are talking about how crazy the fans are tonight.

SD! Rebound – Kozlov is out to get everyone. He attacked Jeff Hardy last week. It was the second week in a row. Kozlov then went after HHH and dropped him.

Adamle says he’s embarrassed about being overruled in the ring. Shane says he’s doing a great job and learning on the job.
Kane comes in and says hello to Shane-O. He says he appreciates getting Evan Bourne tonight but he wants Rey.
Adamle says Kane will have Rey at NM.
Kane tells Shane-O to say hi to his mom for him.
Adamle asks about how he stood up to Kane. He then asks about Kane knowing Shane’s mom.
Shane says if Adamle means that Kane tombstones his mom and then tried to fry his testicles with a car battery – then yes, Kane knows his mom.

Kelly is out back. Beth comes up. Santino has a face guard on. Kelly laughs.
Beth is pissed.
Kelly asks what happened.
Beth says she knows what happened. She saw what Batista did to them last week. She saw Kelly laughing.
Santino then starts cutting down on Batista. Batista shows up behind Santino.
Beth says she’s taking out all Batista did on them last week on Kelly this week and if Batista gets involved her boyfriend will take him apart.
Santino looks freaked and runs off when his music starts.

– Commercial

Santino is in the ring. Video of Batista beating down Santino and Beth in the ring last week. Santino says he wants the Honk-A-Meter. Honky Tonk Man was IC Champion for 64 week. Santino has been champion for 5 weeks. If you do the math… Deuce’s music and Santino isn’t happy about being cut off. Deuce comes out to the ring. Santino has one thing to say. He hopes Batista is watching because he wants Batista to know he’s going ot beat him up like he’s going to beat up Fonzi. The Happy Days are over!
Deuce backs Santino into a corner. Santino’s face gets bounced off a corner. A side headlock with punches to Santino’s face. Santino gets slammed down to the mat. Deuce drops a punch onto Santino’s face for two. Deuce tries to set Santino up top but somehow Santino manages climb down Deuce and roll him up for three.

– Winner: Santino

Santino celebrates up the ramp. On the stage he says that’s just one victory for Glamarella tonight. Kelly is going to lose to the most beautiful woman in the world and the woman who orders him to go buy the contraceptives. She comes out and kisses him.

Out back Rey is walking along with Evan giving him a pep talk.

– Commercial

Slam of The Week – Rey was beaten down by Kane. The ref called for the bell, but Kane kept going. Kane tried to remove Rey’s mask but Evan Bourne rushed out to save Rey.

Kane comes out to the ring. Evan Bourne comes out to face him.
Evan jumps over Kane and then kicks him in the shoulder. A huge enziguri to Kane. Kane corners Evan who fights his way out. A low drop kick to Kane’s left knee. Kane then over powers Evan and kicks him in the head. Kane misses an elbow drop. A kick to Kane’s head from a prone Evan. Evan ended up wrapped around Kane’s shoulder, but couldn’t pull him down, so crawled down Kane’s back. Front face lock on Kane, but Kane picks Evan up and drops him over the ropes. Kane tries to hit a big boot but Evan moves and Kane gets hung up in the ropes. Kane goes out. Evan climbs and flies outside. Back in the ring Evan covers for two. Kane picks Evan up, throws him high and hits an upper cut on his as he comes down. Kane beats down Evan in a corner and stomp him. Tilt-A-Whirl back breaker to Evan. Kane hits another couple back breakers to Evan. Kane slams Evan into the corner back first, up-side-down. Kane slams Evan to the mat then taunts him. A choke slam and Kane covers for three.

– Winner: Kane

Kane stands over Evan and wraps his hand around his throat. He pulls Evan to a sitting position but Rey rushes out. Rey tries to gain control with a flying move but a huge boot to Rey’s gut dropped him. A choke slam to Rey. Kane then yells at Rey that he’s a coward, just like all the rest.

Out back Jamie Noble is begging Shane for another shot at regal.
Dolph Ziggler comes up and introduces himself to them both, a couple times.
Orton comes up, Jamie and Dolph leave. Orton says he respects Shane, but what he did in the ring was not cool.
Shane tells him to relax about the whole thing – chill. After what he did to Punk, Orton’s getting off easy.
Orton says they’re the youngest and most influential in the industry and it would be a real shame if they got on each other’s bad sides. Shane then reminds Orton that he’s 4th generation.

– Commercial

Beth comes out to the ring, in her black and silver jump suit, with Santino in tow. Kelly comes out in eye burning silver – buy shorts/chaps and a bikini top – ouch!
Beth grabs Kelly around the head and pounds the heck out of her. Kelly gets whipped but moves so Beth slams into the corner. Kelly works over Beth’s right arm. Kelly goes for head scissors but doesn’t manage it and makes it look bad. Beth set her up in a corner to slam her down. Beth rakes at Kelly’s face while screaming Batista’s name. Candice is sitting out back watching a monitor, the match. An arm and chin hold on Kelly. Kelly battles back with forearms. Beth slams her down. A (bad) dropkick to Beth. Beth flings Kelly off, Kelly lands on the corner and flies back at her. Santino gets up on the apron and ends up screwing up Beth. Beth has to stop so she won’t slam into Santino. Kelly manages to roll Beth up for three.

– Winner: Kelly

Beth holds Kelly while Santino gets in the ring and tries to go after her. Batista’s music and he comes out. Santino punches Batista. Batista snaps Santino’s face mask in mock, then hit a spear. Beth stands on the apron seething, but not getting involved this time.

Video of The Dirt Sheet (?). They show a bit of Cryme Tyme cutting on them and them cutting back. Miz and Morrison trying to be gangsta. It goes back and forth, but doesn’t seem to go anywhere.

– Commercial

Morrison comes out to the ring. Miz comes out to join him. Cryme Tyme come out, in new shirts, to face them.
JTG and Morrison lock up. JTG is backed into a corner. He gets out and punches Morrison to the mat. Morrison taunts Shad and Miz hits JTG from behind. Morrison telegraphs and gets an upper cut for it. JTG covers for two. Shad gets a blind tag, Morrison didn’t notice. Shad picks Morrison up high and drops him. Miz tags in and runs into a high elbow. Miz gets slammed down again. Miz and Morrison outside. JTG runs and Shad lifts/flings him over and out onto both of them.

– Commercial

Morrison has an arm hold on JTG as he sits on the back of JTG’s head! Morrison readjusts giving JTG a shot so he punches out. JTG manages to roll Morrison up for two. Miz tags in and they double team JTG. He’s whipped and Miz hits a clothesline in the corner. Miz covers for two. Head lock on JTG. JTG gets out but is still isolated in the heel corner. He can’t manage to tag out. Miz keeps him on their side. Morrison tags in and gets a head lock on JTG. Miz tags in and JTG manages to tag out. Shad picks Morrison high and drops him. Clothesline to Miz. Shad covers but Morrison breaks it up. Morrison distracts and Miz almost gets the three on Shad. Shad gets Miz up in a huge vertical suplex for two. Shad pushes Miz off from himself and Morrison kicks Shad in the back of the head from the apron. Miz covers for three.

– Winners: Miz & Morrison

Miz and Morrison celebrate in the ring while the ref tends to JTG and Shad outside.

– Commercial

Y2J is out back talking to Adamle. He says Shane is testing him. He wants Adamle to challenge him. He wants to know what type of spin Adamle will put on the main event, how will he take Shane’s idea and spin it. Y2J then says he has some ideas.

Cole and King go through the matches slated for NM.

Video from earlier today at Dave & Busters. Charlie Haas is there to pay tribute to Mr. Perfect. He puts on a wig and calls it ‘The Perfect Tribute’. He plays pool, basketball, video boxing, air hockey, more basketball and screws it all up. He then throws a football and runs to catch it, but knocks out a waiter. He says that proves there’s only one Mr. Perfect.

– Commercial

Lillian is talking to a ring crew guy. She says she’s just been informed that per Mike Adamle it will be a Two On Three Handicap Match. Y2J and Cade come out to the ring together. JBL comes out completely on foot. Batista comes out to the ring. HBK comes out to huge pop.
HBK stands in the ring and glares at Y2J but Cade wants to start. HBK backs Cade into a corner. Cade says something to HBK and HBK bitch slaps him. HBK beats Cade down in a corner. HBK is whipped and does the Flair flip. HBK hits a fez press on Cade but can’t keep control. Y2J tags in and takes HBK down hard. Back suplex to HBK. Headlock on HBK in the center of the ring. Y2J slams HBK into a corner then stomps him. The ref pulls him off. HBK comes out chopping but an enziguri takes HBK down. JBL tags in and throws huge punches in a corner. Neck breaker to HBK. JBL slams HBK down for two. Huge forearm to HBK’s back. Abdominal stretch to HBK. Elbows to JBL’s leg to get out. JBL keeps HBK in the heel corner. Cade tags in and takes apart HBK. The ref yells at Cade and JBL chokes HBK in the corner. JBL tags back in and stomps HBK. They exchange blows but then HBK runs into a big boot. Cheap shot on Batista by JBL. JBL covers HBK for two. Huge chops to JBL. HBK tries for a cross body but JBL catches him. JBL goes for a fall-away, but HBK counters and hits a DDT.
Batista and Y2J tag in. Spears to Y2J in a corner. Batista telegraphs and gets kicked for it. Spinebuster to Y2J. Cade tries to get involved and taken out for it. HBK tags in and hits his flying elbow. HBK tunes up the band but Y2J ducks. Y2J tries for the walls and HBK gets out to covers for two. JBL rushes in so does Batista. Batista sets JBL up but gets sent over the top. JBL goes outside and they fight there. Y2J tries for a lionsault but HBK moves. HBK takes Cade down. HBK tries for sweet chin music but Y2J ducks out of the ring. Cade grabs HBK, slams him down and covers for three.

– Winners: JBL, Y2J & Cade

Batista kneels over HBK in the ring while the heels celebrate up the ramp.

Biggest pop

Biggest heat