Joey Mercury Heading Back To WWE?, No MNF Mention This Week, NFL Beats WWE

— At the monthly Maryland Championship Wrestling show on Saturday, former WWE star Joey Mercury cut an in-ring promo saying he was going back to WWE along with Christian York. Also, TNA star Kevin Nash worked the show and was asked about his contract status with TNA, which expires in October. Nash said if TNA gives him the money he wants, he’ll stay, otherwise he’s out the door. reader Everett sent in the following on Sunday… Last night MCW held their monthly show and I got a couple of news bits for you. This is my first hand report not second hand from someone else. Joey Matthews during an in ring promo said that he was going back to WWE in December along with partner Christian York. Joey said he spoke with John Laurinitis earlier in the day and he was going back as Joey Mercury. After you guys reported that Kevin Nash left the Impact tapings I wondered if he was still with the company. Kevin said that he still has two months left on his contract, if TNA gives him the money he wants then he’ll be staying otherwise hes out the door. Hope you can use the info. Thanks for all the great news.

— It looks like WWE won’t be bragging about beating Monday Night Football in the ratings this week, reports Did you know this Monday’s preseason game between the San Diego Chargers and the Seattle Seahawks on ESPN drew a 3.2 cable rating, a better number than Raw 2.8 number on Sci Fi? WWE’s last chance to probably beat Monday Night Football in the ratings this year is next Monday as the season starts the Thursday after.

— WWE got beat out by the NFL again this week, this time in the Video Sales – Recreational Sports DVD chart from Billboard. The NFL: Favre 4 Ever DVD – which has been out for over half a year – beat out WWE’s DVD set on The Rock. Rock’s DVD appears to have more legs than the Flair DVD in terms of sales, which has been out for four more weeks and finished ahead of it once again this week, coming in second. The Flair DVD came in fourth. You can see the complete chart at this link.

Is Awesome Kong jumping ship to WWE?

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