WWE House Show Results (08/15/08) – Rockford, Illinois reader Matthew Bender sent in the following report:

I just got home a little while ago from a great show from the Rockford Metro Centre in Rockford, IL!

I will recap the card here and throw in some commentary!

Match 1: Chavo Guerrero vs. Evan Bourne

Great first match.. Chavo got a lot of heat. Evan picked up the win with his shooting star press. Bam tried to help Chavo win throughout the match but was unsuccessful.

Match 2: Beth Phoenix and Katie Lea vs. Mickie James and Kelly Kelly

First we get introduced to our unbiased referee, Santino Marella. This was a good comedy match. Beth and Mickie stole the show with the wrestling. Mickie got the pin on Beth after Santino refused to hit the mat for the 3 count, so Mickie grabbed his hand and pushed it down for the 3. Post match The glamazon was not very happy and ordered Santino to the back so they could talk about it.

Match 3: Shelton Benjamin vs. Jimmy Wang Yang for the US Championship.

The Gold Standard dominated and got the pinfall. Not much to talk about in this match.

Match 4: Cryme Tyme vs. Dibiase and Rhodes for the Tag Team Championship.

Great match. Dibiase got the pinfall on Shad after a lot of back and forth offense.

Match 5: Carlito vs. The Big Show

To my surprise, Carlito’s music hit and out he comes, with his new corn row hair style, and pleather pants, much like what Rey Mysterio wears.. he also looks like he’s lost a good 25 pounds or so. Then The Big Show’s music hit, which I don’t think anyone was expecting. He got the biggest pop by far. The crowd loved him, and he was taking it all in waving at us and playing to the crowd. Big Show dominated in a squash, hitting a choke slam for the win.


Match 6: Finlay w/ Hornswaggle vs. Mark Henry w/ Tony Atlas for the ECW Championship.

Finaly got a good pop. Hornswaggle got his super soaker out to soak Atlast, but it was a Mark Henry dominated match as the world’s strongest champion gets the pinfall.

Match 7: Kane vs. Batista in a NO DQ match (thanks to our text message votes).

Great back and forth match. The ovation for Batista was insane. Lots of chair shots. Kane worked Batista’s shoulder most of the match, but Batista hit the spear for the pinfall.

Match 8: John Cena, CM Punk, and Triple H vs. JBL, the Grean Khali, and William Regal.

Punk out first to a HUGE pop when Chimmell announced he was from CHICAGO ILLINOIS!!! Then out comes Cena to a louder pop yet, and the loudest pop of the night for HHH. Not quite sure how Regal got into this match. Cena and Punk each get beat down until HHH comes in. Finish seems Cena and HHH hitting their signature moves, and HHH covering Regal for the win.

Overall a great show. Lots of fan interaction with it being a house show. Eve Torres was our guest hostess for the night, giving away front row tickets for the night, picking a guest bell ringer, and choosing the guy right in front of me to go to the back and be Cryme Tyme’s guest manager. I was quite disappointed that Kennedy couldn’t be there as well as Umaga.

Hope you enjoy my recap!

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