Undertaker and Michelle McCool's Relationship, WWE Asks Who Is "He"?, JBL


— For the record, Undertaker and Michelle McCool are indeed a couple. It’s not really a big secret, as they don’t hide their relationship backstage.

— has an article naming potential candidates for the mystery “He.” At the end of Monday’s Raw, Kane kept yelling, “Is He dead or is He alive?” Candidates listed (with odds) include Vince McMahon, Paul Bearer, Undertaker, Jim Ross, Pete Rose, Ranjin Singh, Boogeyman, Kane’s See No Evil alter ego Jacob Goodnight, 2pac, and Captain America. They also have a poll asking fans who they think “He” is. Undertaker is in the lead by a huge margin with 58% of the vote. Paul Bearer (18%) and Vince McMahon (9%) trail.

— JBL has posted his first blog on the WWE Fan Nation site. JBL talks about police stopping him in customs for bringing a sword to Spain. “I was there for an hour and getting a report that would have put me on a watch list forever. They were basically equating what I did to sneaking reprocessed uranium into the EU. Fortunately, an officer came in that recognized me and they let me go, they even let me take my sword with me,” JBL wrote. {JBL blog}

Click here for candid pics of Taker & McCool together

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