When The Decision To Move HHH To SD Was Made, Trevor Murdoch's Move, Kofi

source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

— The decision to move Triple H over to SmackDown was actually made a while ago, and it wasn’t a recent one. The decision to move Triple H to Smackdown was made right around the time WWE came to an agreement with MyNetworkTV. Network officials knew from the start that the show would be marketed around Undertaker and Triple H as the two big stars when SmackDown starts in the fall. In late April, just after the European tour, Triple H, along with Undertaker, Edge and Vickie Guerrero, were brought into a studio to tape promos promoting Friday Night Smackdown for MyNetworkTV. In Triple H’s promo, he’s spitting water into the camera and saying, “You’re watching Friday Night Smackdown right here on MyNetworkTV.” It’s interesting to note that Batista wasn’t brought into the studio. The promos were kept in secret as only a few people know of them and they all had to sign non-disclosure agreements, which expired last Tuesday due to the draft the previous day. The shooting was done in April and the ads were completed in late May. The promos will start airing in the fall when SmackDown moves to the network.

— SmackDown head writer Michaels Hayes wanted Trevor Murdoch, hence his move from Raw in this past week’s Supplemental Draft. He is likely to continue his singing gimmick as a babyface.

— Here is some background information on Raw’s newest star, Kofi Kingston. His real name is Kofi Sarkodie-Mensah, he is 26 years old, and was born in Ghana but his family moved to the United States when he was young. He was a big fan of late 80s WWF with Ricky “The Dragon Steamboat as his favorite wrestler. Unlike most guys as muscular as him, according to him, Kofi can eat whatever he wants because he needs to eat a lot of calories per day or else he’ll get skinny.

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