Nick Hogan Jail Update: Placed In Psych Ward, Complaining To His Parents


Shortly after he was put in a cell at Pinellas County Jail, Nick Bollea started complaining about the accommodations to his parents in telephone conversations, often breaking into tears.

Nick told his mother Linda, “I have to get out of here. I can’t deal with this for eight months.” Linda responds, “Don’t cry, baby.”

“They put me in a crazy ward,” he says. “It’s so much worse than you could ever imagine. This is like a state prison. I’m all by myself.”

Bollea says his cell is half the size of his bathroom at home, and he repeatedly complains about there being no windows.
That kind of arrangement is made for all juveniles who are sentenced as adults to spend time in the jail or are awaiting trial to face felony charges.

Hulk Hogan told Nick to “man up” and deal with life behind bars.

Nick also took a few shots at his attorney, Kevin Hayslett, saying that if knew he was going to be in a windowless cell by himself, he would rather have gone to trial. If Bollea would have gone to trial and been found guilty, he would have faced up to 5 year sentence.

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