Top Star Jumping To RAW, WWE Wants Better Sponsors, More From WM24


— There’s been recent talk of moving C.M. Punk to the RAW brand.

— WWE is pushing their advertising offices in New York City to work towards getting more higher profile companies to advertise with the company, especially major auto companies. It’s been a major headache for the office because management has pressure on them to get Fortune 500 companies to sign on and that’s a hard sell due to the stigma of professional wrestling and wrestling fans.

— WWE developmental talents from Florida Championship Wrestling were used as extras at WrestleMania for Melina’s paparazzi and the Undertaker’s Druids last night. FCW wrestler Charles Evans was the member of Mayweather’s entourage who got chokeslammed by the Big Show.

BACKSTAGE News for Tonight’s RAW & Draft Lottery **SPOILERS** [>]

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