The Great Khali Speaks On WWE Career, His Diet, Religion, More

Reader Aditya Rao sent the following:

Star News India managed a rare sit down interview with The Great Khali. It’s an exclusive,honest and out of character interview.

Khali talks about how his life in wrestling has been so far.How it’s taken him 15 years of hard work and struggle to get where he is today.He says that he believes in hard work and urged all youngsters watching the program to work hard.

The program also shows clips of his house in Atlanta,Georgia with Khali himself saying that he used to live in Venice Beach, California but relocated here because the flight schedules were more convenient.

Khali broke kayfabe by saying that the WWE is entertainment more than anything else,that whether he was champion or not or whether he won or lost to the Undertaker isn’t as important to him as others make it out to be.There are some things in life more important to him.He also said that all the news about him eating insane amounts of food is insane.He eats pretty much like a normal human being but more and more times in a day.He also eats a LOT of fruit.

The interview also showed Khali to be extremely religious and gentle.He actually meditates every day along with going to the gym .Khali also said that spending time with his family is extremely important to him.He also says that since he has a strong body he doesn’t mind taking too many chair shots and dangerous bumps.

Khali is extremely private.His life outside the ring consists mainly of going to the gym,resting himself and spending time with his family.He appeared to be really honest,grateful and humble.

Khali also says that he doesn’t have a Driver’s license and thats why his wife has to do all the driving.He also said that a normal car can’t accommodate him which is why he plans to buy a hummer.His favorite food is Rice and Dal (lentil) curry.

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