Detailed Off-Air Report From Monday's Raw – Everything You Didn't See

Thanks to reader Jeremy Taleronik for sending in the following report:

I was at RAW Monday night in Milwaukee and I figured I send in a live report of the things that weren’t on TV seeing I haven’t seen one posted yet. I’ve been to every WWE event in Milwaukee since 2001 and this was the most full the arena has been in probably 4 or 5 years. Only the non-TV side of the upper level was tarped off. It was also the best crowd in awhile. Usually the Milwaukee crowd is pretty dead and mostly younger kids and parents. This time the crowd was great and had a good mix.

Dark Match
Carlito defeated Cody Rhodes
It was a pretty good back and forth match with a bunch of false finishes. Carlito finally picks up the win after the Back Cracker.

Lilian sings the national anthem. A few ring crew bring the casket out to the stage. JR and King come out and it’s time to start RAW already.

They do the opening pyro and while they were still showing the crowd before Flair came out the TV camera they have on the big crane looking thing that they move around ACTUALLY FELL OFF and hit someone in the head. Then the whole thing then tipped over. It took them a good 10 minutes just to pick it back up. They also took the guy it hit out in a wheel chair and it looked like he was in lala land. Lawsuit anyone? They just put the “crane” (I’m not sure exactly what it’s called) in the corner and it wasn’t until the last hour of the show before they started to use it again.

After the Flair HBK segment the lights go out and they play the creepy druid music the entire commercial break as the druids come out.

After the casket match Todd Grishiam comes out looks for the best signs in the audience. Then they show Kennedy backstage. He cuts a promo saying that he is from Wisconsin and he feels he has to get something off his chest. He talks about how Brett Favre retired last week and said he could play but doesn’t want to. He then calls Favre a cry baby and that he turned his back on his team to HUGE heat from the crowd. He then says he was glad he was never a Packers fan. More heat. Obviously the entire point of the promo was to get heat from the crowd so they would boo him when he came out on TV because he is suppose to be the “bad guy”. It worked because before people were cheering for him and after it was more boo’s then cheers.

After the Finlay beat down it took Kennedy a long time to get up. The refs had to carry him out. It seemed like he injured his knee because he wasn’t walking on it. Not sure if he was just selling the injury or if it was legit but he was down for a long time and for something they didn’t use on TV it seemed like they
sold it a little too much if it wasn’t real.

For the Jericho Hardy match the crowed seemed to be more into Jericho which was a surprise to me. Hardy didn’t get a very big pop like he usually does which I thought was very strange. The crowd was really into the match, probably the best match of the night. Lots of Y2J chants during the match.

During the commercial after the Jericho/Jeff match Iron Sheik and Nikolai Volkoff make there way to the ring along with a ref to help them. Most of the crowd was dead for the whole segment as most of them had no clue who Sheik, Nikolai Volkoff, Barry Windham, or Mike Rotunda were.

At some point Mickie James comes out to do the Kiss Cam.

Mayweather got big heat during the weigh in segment. Also huge “What” chants during it. Big Show was over huge after he tossed Mayweather over the top rope. During the commercial Big Show and his “posse” posed at the top of the ramp and got huge cheers.

Now one of the most bizarre moments yet funny moments I’ve ever seen at a live event. After the ring crew took out the black carpet that was in the ring a ring crew guy began to sweep the ring. All of a sudden I heard cheers and began to look around to see what people were cheering about. The cheers got louder and louder and I soon realized the crowd was cheering the boom guy. Then out of nowhere the entire crowd starts chanting “Sweep Sweep Sweep Sweep” as the chants got louder and faster the broom guy started sweeping faster and faster. I mean the guy was really going at it. Then he stopped and got a HUGE pop from the crowd and raised the broom in the air and pumped it above his head a few times. I was laughing so hard I was crying. Maybe it was one of those you had to be there moments but it was really a totally bizarre and strange moment.

During the commercial break after Edge came out he cuts a great promo. It’s a shame that it wasn’t on TV but you can watch it on Highlight was when he was looking in the crowd and someone was holding a “RIP Edge” sign and Edge says “No kid I will not rest in peace!” to huge heat.

After the Cena match they showed Triple H on the screen above the ring but not the titan tron. They didn’t have the sound so we couldn’t hear what he was saying. After Cena leaves HBK is in the ring and then Otron gets up and is met with some Sweet Chin Music. HBK shrugs and leaves. Orton gets up again and has Lillian announce him as the WWE Champ before he leaves.

Biggest Pops
Triple H
Big Show (after he threw Mayweather over the top rope)
Broom Guy (100% serious)

Biggest Heat
(during his promo)

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